Mexico City

Published: February 7th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Post rain freshnessPost rain freshnessPost rain freshness

The view of the Catedral from my hostel window after a refreshing afternoon rain.
Good Early morning from the second largest city on earth! I arrived yesterday at 3pm....and much to local and home folks chagrin,I skipped the 17 dollar taxi and used the metro. 3 pesos 20 minutes equals best 20 cents ever spent!

Given my pisspoor sleep the night before i crashed about 830 pm worried I'd keep my bunkmates up with my legendary snoring..well this morning at 6am it sounds like a chainsaw convention so am no longer concerned.

My hostel has a view and thankfully isnt as party party as others I've stayed in in Europe. Soon its breakfast time and since its free I wont pass it up then its off to explore. I did take two pictures of the Zocalo and Catedral from the hostel window that I will post on this blog.

As for the folks that said it would be dangerous here..havent seen anything of that nature yet. People have been unfailingly nice includig the Federales!

Anyways...think I'm going to head off and shower and get my day going. Be well all!

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A not so scary Federale'A not so scary Federale'
A not so scary Federale'

Zocalo Federale' bored out of his mind.

8th February 2012

scrooge :)
lol and they say dutchies are scrooges wellllllllll they dont know you thats for sure :) your the most economical with your money then all the dutchies together hehe lebberzzzzzzzzzz and much fun overthere :)

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