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North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Sumidero Canyon November 11th 2014

We returned to San Cristobal on a night bus from Oaxaca. We checked back into the same hostel we previously stayed at and as our room was ready we could shower and have a sleep. We had a pretty quiet day which included going back to visit the young boys for a street food lunch of tacos and exploring the market. The next day we had organised a bike tour to the Sumidero Canyon. We cycled out of San Cristóbal and then uphill for 5km followed by a short downhill before continuing to climb for another 4km. Once we reached the top it was downhill for the next 60km. We made a stop for Grenadia (a fruit similar to passion fruit but sweeter) as they are grown in the area we were cycling through. Just before ... read more
On the way to the canyon

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Sumidero Canyon December 13th 2010

Heute besichtige ich "El Cañon" in Chiapa de Corzo. Dazu fahre ich zuerst mit einem Collectivo in die Bundeshauptstadt von Chiapas: Tuxtla. Diese liegt auf ca. 600 Hoehenmetern - also geht es zuerst mal 1500 Hoehenmeter runter. Gluecklicherweise sind San Cristóbal und Tuxtla durch eine sehr gute Strasse verbunden und so vergeht die Fahrt wie im Flug. Von Tuxtla aus nehme ich ein weiteres Collectivo fuer die paar Kilometer zurueck nach Chiapa de Corzo. Ja, Chiapa de Corzo liegt eigentlich zwischen San Cristóbal und Tuxtla - der Busfahrer wollte aber nicht dazwischen anhalten. In Chiapa de Corzo steige ich am Hauptplatz aus. Von hier sind es nur zwei Blocks runter zum Fluss. Dort kaufe ich mir ein Ticket fuer eine Flussfahrt zum "El Cañon". Dieser Canyon erinnert mich sehr stark an die Fjorde in Norwegen - ... read more
Krokodil am Sonnenbaden

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Sumidero Canyon October 31st 2010

We woke up early ready for our boat trip into the Sumidero Canyon. We were not sure what to expect as an Israeli couple that we had met the previous evening had told us it wasn't worth doing. We decided to make our own way to the port by collectivo, as opposed to taking an organised trip as we thought it would be cheaper. When we arrived at the collectivo rank our driver was very excited to have 'Inglesa' on the bus. He was loudly advertising this fact to Mexican people who were getting on other buses, trying to use it to get their custom. We started driving through the mountains; our destination was completely in the hands of the driver as we hadn't any idea where the port was. After a while the air outside ... read more
heading out to the canyon
driving through the clouds
approaching Sumidero

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Sumidero Canyon January 16th 2010

Villahermosa, Tabasco, a 29 de octubre del 2009. Saludos family. Ahì les van unas fotos del Cañòn del Sumidero, sòlo que desde la perspectiva del rìo en el fondo del cañón; me faltaron fotos desde los miradores, pero la economìa manda. El rìo que recorre el cañòn es el rìo Grijalva, que desgraciadamente se llena de basura en esta temporada de lluvias, asì que habìa partes en que la bonita vista hacia las paredes del cañòn se alternaba con la basura en la superficie del agua (botes de plàstico, sobre todo), ni modo nadie quiere limpiar. El viaje inicia en la ciudad de Chiapa de Corzo (a 10 min. de Tuxtla) y termina en una presa hidroèlectrica. Las fotos fueron tomadas entre nublado y no nublado, además que ya estaba aterdeciendo (la lancha saliò hasta las ... read more
Chiapa de Corzo.
Photo 4
Photo 5

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Sumidero Canyon July 22nd 2008

Before we go anywhere, I want you to cast your minds back to a distant tiime in Venus Bay, Australia, when Richard was practising baby care on a joey wombat in readiness for the arrival of our brand new niece or nephew. Well, we´re pleased to say that little Iona Jade is now safely with us. We were in the land of the Mayans when we heard the news and, as jade was the Mayan´s most precious material, her name seems most propitious. But now let us continue our journey onwards from Palenque... The jungle slipped away behind us and we cruised through lush, open ranchland watered by glittering wetlands. From the saddle we saw a kingfisher taking breakfast, harriers coursing the waterways and a cormorant flying beside us with a still-wriggling eel in its bill. ... read more
Wetlands on way to Jonuta
Mountain pit stop
Pueblo Nuevo as we leave at dawn

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Sumidero Canyon March 3rd 2008

After having the wunderful experience of the Moon Eclipse and spending one more night in Tikal, the next morning I left Guatemala, where I had lots of fun and good experinces. I am so thankful for the Guatemaltecas hostility and the grate time I had there. I won't forget the smells, colores, and wunderful life people have there. I wish I was able to see more from Quiche, and northern Guatemala, which gives me an oppurtunity to get back there again. Now enough with Guatemala. I got back to Mexico to Palenque to see more stars and more jungle. I stayed a week there and than I moved to Tuxtla to see the cañon de sumidero in a boat. I will only add one thing: it is worth it, especially if you are around there. ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Sumidero Canyon December 25th 2007

Pendant que tous en Europe vous réveillonniez au 24 au soir, nous naviguions parmi les crocodiles, les touristes mais surtout le canyon de Sumidero de 1000 m de haut. Nous avons même eu droit à notre sapin de Noël. Vous allez donc voir le canyon d’ en bas et d’en haut (encore plus impressionnant). Malheureusement, l’ appareil écrase pas mal le canyon et les photos sont plutôt décevantes... Allez- y, vous vous rendrez mieux compte par vous -mêmes ! ... read more
Entree du canyon
Entree du canyon
Entree du canyon

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Sumidero Canyon June 27th 2006

After a disappointing trip to Lake Aititlan in Guatemala, we decided to head back to Mexico and San Cristobal for the Sumidero Canyon (as we had planned earlier in the trip). Unfortunately, the weather at the lake had been really wet and miserable so we were unable to get any really decent photos of the volcanic surroundings. We took a boat to San Pedro and saw Panajachel but due to the torrential rain, we only really saw a few hours of each. Both places we found to be very touristy and we heard from other travellers that sadly, these lakeside villages have deteriorated hugely in the last ten years. The Sumidero Canyon is 1-kilometer-deep and was the stage for an epic battle between the Spanish and the Chiapanecan Indians. It is said that these Chiapanecan Indians ... read more
More hot wheels at Lake Aititlan...
Christmas Tree
Sumidero Canyon

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