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June 27th 2006
Published: July 11th 2006
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After a disappointing trip to Lake Aititlan in Guatemala, we decided to head back to Mexico and San Cristobal for the Sumidero Canyon (as we had planned earlier in the trip). Unfortunately, the weather at the lake had been really wet and miserable so we were unable to get any really decent photos of the volcanic surroundings. We took a boat to San Pedro and saw Panajachel but due to the torrential rain, we only really saw a few hours of each. Both places we found to be very touristy and we heard from other travellers that sadly, these lakeside villages have deteriorated hugely in the last ten years.

The Sumidero Canyon is 1-kilometer-deep and was the stage for an epic battle between the Spanish and the Chiapanecan Indians. It is said that these Chiapanecan Indians chose to jump into the sacred canyon rather than submit to the invaders.

Here we also saw the more recent, Chicoasén dam, the fifth-highest in the world. This is one of Mexico's important sources of electrical power, before which the white waters were barely navigable.

Points of interest include the "Christmas Tree," (see pics) a waterfall with thick moss that has the shape of a Christmas tree.

Since then, we have visted Veracruz on the Gulf coast, Zihuatanejo on the Pacific and spent a relaxing week in the sun and swimming in a beautiful pool at Pie de la Cuesta. We have been trying to save a little cash and rest our bones in preparation for our 6 week trek through the Andes.

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11th July 2006

Ok, i was impressed before, but that canyon is something else! Great pictures!!!! Cool croc too, looks like someone has left a stray shoe nearby, not getting that one back!
12th July 2006

Miss you!and GOOD LUCK!!!
Small miss you loads, was so great to hear your voice on the phone even if we coudlnt hear that well!!GOOD GOOD LUCK on your trek!!How will the trotters cope?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!Love and miss you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
12th July 2006

poor croc
love the pics, so sad to see the croc sat there with plastic bottles around him :-(
12th July 2006

Croc's it all about?
Hey Guys, Wow loving your canyon pic - very Lord of the Rings looking!! I assume you didn't go swimming in the waters though!! Reminds me of the time I was stuck in snake infested warters and of all things it was a croc that saved my life - told me to 'climb aboard'. And then I woke up - oh well only a dream but nearest life croc experience I've had. xx
12th July 2006

well girls i'm a bit of a late arrival as i didn't have the blog address till last week but oh my god it all looks so amazing, from the beaches to the people, temples to volcanoes (i have read the text as well as looking at the pics!). well done you!
14th July 2006

Missing you so much.
It all looks too good to be true and part of me is so gutted I didn't go with you. Tts so good to see you both looking fantastic and so happy. Love you boths loads, take care and I look forward to reading more about your travels soon. Mwah, big hugs and kisses. xxx
17th July 2006

Hey there you 2 girls, Hope you are both having fun on your trips and making us all jealous while SOME of us have to WORK ! Still cant wait to meet you both when you get here to AUSTRALIA. Stay safe Sister Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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