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After we left Anisha's place in San Sebastian Rio Hondo we spent a couple of days at Hotel Zipolite in Oaxaca city before making our way down to San Cristobal de las Casas, the "cultural capital" of Chiapas. The city was first known to me as the core site of the Zapatista inssurection in 1994, when the EZLN marched into and liberated the city from the Chiapas government. They have since relinquished their presence in the city and retreated back to the mountain villages ("caracoles", Spanish for shells) surrounding the city but their presence is still felt in the city through large numbers of pro-Zapatista posters and graffiti as well as shops selling EZLN merchandise. We arrived in San Cris for the first time on May 1st and stayed with a couchsurfing host named Emilio for ... read more
Cañon del Sumidero
30km from Arriaga

The last several days were spent in San Cristobal de Las Casas. We got there from Palenque by taking two Colectivos: one from Palenque to Ocosingo (MXN60) and hopping onto another straight away Ocosingo to San Cristobal (MXN65). Being higher in the mountains, San Cristobal was a blessedly cool place when we arrived. We hoofed it to the Iguana Hostel that we'd emailed, but never gotten a confirmation for. Thankfully they did have space for us. This turned out to be a great hostel with a mix of private rooms and dorms, totalling a max of 27 people. We spent a lot of time chilling here; in both senses of the word. Nights were downright chilly and days were pleasant to sit out in the sun. We went to the market just a couple blocks away ... read more
Iglesia Guadalupe

San Cristobal (Con't) One day we participated in a hike that Anthony, a hostel volunteer, wanted to go on. We took the colectivo to Zinacantán for MXN16 where we stopped for Micheladas (MXN40 for 1L of essentially a Mexican caesar). As we walked out of town we were stopped by the tourism office and told we should have paid a fee of MXN15 to enter the town, but since the colectivo hadn't stopped we had no clue. We kept walking once he was distracted by a tour bus that showed up. We walked over the pass to Chamula, where we found out how half a litre (we shared one michelada) of beer affects Dan during a hot hike. It may have been primarily the heat, but the beer probably didn't help. Ashley was a trooper and ... read more
Zinacantan to Chamula hike

18-19 /12/14 Als echte straatmuzikanten! Oudentiek stadje bezocht, rondlopen op de markt, samen koken en 's avonds een dikke drie uur op straat gaan spelen. Het was ons gelukt om aan dat ' papel' te geraken. Een 70 peso's verdiend waarmee we toch twee ' cervecas ' konden mee kopen ;). Die smaakten nu precies veel beter, niet te vergelijken uiteraard met ons Belgisch bier.. Echt wel veel reactie van de mensen zelfs enkele foto's met toeristen, ja hoor Mati en ik hadden vrouwelijke fans ;). Superervaring! De dag erna naar " Canyon el sumedero " en in de avond uiteraard' trabajar in la calle '. We hadden ondertussen het dubbele verdiend, tijd voor een party in een lokaal hostel met mijn 5 Argentijnse vrienden. Wat betreft " Canyon el sumedero "...foto's zeggen genoeg! De terugweg ... read more
Casa caracol
on the road.....
Canyon el sumidero

We had a long trip from Antigua to San Cristóbal de las Casas in the Chiapas region of Mexico. We were picked up in Antigua about 4:45am and finally arrived around 6pm after having to change shuttle twice and cross the border into Mexico. San Cristóbal was a really nice city but a little colder than we were used to as it is at 2,000m above sea level. We had two days in San Cristóbal which Gary spent resting, but as it was a little difficult to provide him with delivery he managed to venture out for food. Twice we visited a local street food stand for tacos, quesadillas, and huaraches, the food was great and the guys cooking and serving it were incredibly young. The server and drinks guy was just 14 years of age ... read more
A beautiful rug in the textile museum
Temple de Santo Domingo
Temple de Santo Domingo

We arrived in San Cristobal at 7am achey and bleary eyed from 12hrs on a bus attempting to sleep despite the bumpy winding roads and the soothing noise of aggressive vomiting from two fellow passengers. It was too early to check in at the hostel so we dumped our bags, put on several extra layers to combat the morning chill (a new and not entirely welcome phenomenon) and went out to explore a bit. San Cristobal is pretty high up (hence the cold) and the highland light is beautifully clear - we climbed up the Cerro de Guadalupe from where you can look over the town and surrounding countryside. The town itself is full of backpackers, proper backpackers - each one with more dreadlocks, multicoloured trousers, 'meaningful' tattoos and inspirational life stories than the one before. ... read more
Mexican cuisine...
Ben goes colonial
Just some of the products available at the Mayan pharmacy

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » San Cristobal de las Casas February 21st 2014

Wczoraj rano (po nocnej podróży autobusem) dotarłem do San Cristobal de las Casas. Podróż z Oaxaca byla koszmarna. Po raz pierwszy od wielu, wielu lat miałem chorobę lokomocyjną :-) I to jeszcze jaką! Masakra! Droga z Oaxaca do Chiapas jest bardzo kręta (jest wąska górska droga). Kierowca jechał jak wariat i efekt był taki jaki był:-) Dopiero nad ranem udało mi się na trochę zasnąć. Wczorajszy dzień byl zatem totalnie zmarnowany i już jestem jeden dzień w plecy. Dopiero po południu żołądek zaczął przyjmować jakikolwiek pokarm. Planowałem wyjechać z San Cristobal w sobotę ale musiałem przesunąć wyjazd na niedzielę. Na dworcu autobusowym w San Cristobal nie ma informacji turystycznej (w Oaxaca była) i przed dotarciem do hotelu musiałem pochylić się nad mapą. Hotel znajduje się około 1,5 km od dworca. Samo San Cristobal de las Casas ... read more
Moj hostel
Moj hostel
Apteka medycyny naturalnej Majow

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » San Cristobal de las Casas December 27th 2013

After a 5 hour bus ride climbing through winding mountain roads we arrived at the colonial town of San Cristobal de las Casas. We have ascended to 2,200m so have experienced a dramatic change in temperature. As it is Christmas I didn’t mind this as much but did not come prepared for it. The town is famous for an uprising of the Zapatista group in 1994 who took control of the city. They were quickly evicted by the Mexican army and are now continuing their revolution in communities in the outlying jungle of the state of Chiapas. I had not heard of this group until we came here and I was wondering if their influence was still strong in the town. This question was answered as soon as we arrived at our hostel. We met a ... read more
San Cristobal de las Casas
San Cristobal cathederal
Zapatista murals

Today we visited two different Mayan villages. The first village we visited had about 75,000 people. These people are very different to the second Mayan tribe that we visited afterwards. They are very shy for starters and did not like having their photos taken, so I tried to take a few sneaky ones when they weren’t looking. Their church is very unusual, it’s catholic but they still carry out some of the Mayan traditions. In my previous blog I mentioned about how the Mayan people would sacrifice their own lives, well now they sacrifice a chicken instead. We actually saw a chicken inside the church with some Mayans and it was half wrapped in a black carrier bag, it just looked so calm seeming as it was about to be killed at some point. We then ... read more
Mayan Church
Mayan people
Mayan Church

I fell in love with this place. In fact, if in a moment in my life I decide to quit to everythimg, I would choose San Cristobal to spend at least 3 moths. This is a multicultural city: indigenous, mexicans, american, european. Everybody is here. You can find from the cheapest places to eat, to the most expensive. What to do: To get lost in all those small streets, going from store to store, restaurants, museums, or only spending time in downtown listening to the Marimba music. Marimba is an special and typical music in Chiapas. Around San Cristóbal, you cand find Zincantan and San Juan Chamula. Very small indiginous communities, with particular religious traditions: kind of mix between catholicism and maya. Quite interesting. (It is forbidden to take pictures inside theses churches)... read more

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