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North America » Mexico » Chiapas » San Cristobal de las Casas November 15th 2015

This morning was the most facinating part of the trip so far when we visited the communities of San Juan Chamula and San Lorenzo Zinacantan in the highlands of Chiapas, near San Cristobal. While both are Maya descendants they have very different mystic traditions and are immediately identifiable by the colour and style of their traditional clothing. Chamulans wear black & white while Zinacantans wear multi-coloured dress with intricate flower motifs. Zinacantans work as a collective selling arts & crafts, fruit & vegetables for 10% with the rest goes into a pool with the seller also getting a share of the pool whereas Chamulans don't share. The churches & customs are another point of difference but unfortunately no photos allowed. While the outsides are the same Spanish style construction & the inside include alters & statue's ... read more
Zinacantan ladies
Morning tea being prepared
San Cristobal street scene

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » San Cristobal de las Casas November 14th 2015

Today was a very long 14 hr day with a nightmare 2.30 am wakeup call for a 3am start to a 720 km drive to San Cristobal de las Casas. A number of us had difficulty sleeping due to firework explosions every half hour or so up to midnight for some festival. The mood did not improve over the first 5 hrs to our breakfast stop. The no doubt beautiful mountain climb through the Sierra Matlan range was a gut wrenching experience with constantly winding switchbacks & turns. After breakfast we rejoined the main highway & left the corkscrew behind & soon passed a narrow istmas with a 260 km gap between the Atlantic & the Pacific oceans & home to over 900 wind turbines due to the constantly blowing winds. The early start was to ... read more
Happy croc
Busted birds
Huge Rainbows

Well, being up around 0500hrs has gotten unfortunately common. Today we were looking to head back into Mexico from Flores, Guatemala. Being up this early allowed us to catch up with Jon, a dutch guy doing a border run to reset his visa. We tagged along on his coat tails since it sounded like he'd done this before. We wanted originally to cross at near Bethel and do a river border crossing, but Jon was crossing at El Ceibo so we went along with it. During the long bus ride we learned Jon had opened a surf school on the pacific coast of Guatemala and it had only been open three weeks. It was cool hearing about all the stuff he had to go through to get it going. Anyways, we were able to take a ... read more

Maria Chiara and I were captivated by what we'd heard of San Cristobal de Las Casas - even the name itself conjures up something far flung and exotic. It's a city in Chiapas in Southern Mexico, well into the tropics but high altitude as well, a colonial town with gaily painted houses, churches on every square, pleasantly mild temperatures all year round and crystalline mountain air. But the issue was getting there. We were in Quintana Roo in the North East of the Yucatan Peninsula, and were contemplating a long drive in a hire car through endless flatlands of scrubby jungle. That monotony would have finally be broken when we got to Chiapas and the mountains. Unfortunately, as well as beautiful vistas one would have to contend with potential ambushes from local bandits. We checked - ... read more
Two taco ladies
San Cristobal steps
Sumidero Canyon

Distance driven today: 198 miles / 317 km Cumulative distance driven: 6,121 miles / 9,859km (11,000 miles to go) Today’s trip: Coatzacoalcos to San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico Severe traffic violation committed: 1 Bribes paid to police officer instead of traffic ticket: 1 During long riding days, I get lots of time to think through the subject of the blog post I want to write in the evening. But during todays’ ride I actually drew a blank. I couldn’t think of single thing that was worthy of writing about. Ok, so I misplaced my SPOT satellite tracking device yesterday evening at the parking of the hotel. It was inevitable that, during such a long trip, with so many gadgets that go in and out of bags, hotels, pockets and hotel rooms each and every day, ... read more
Engine ovrerheat mitigation at local gas station
Rain is coming - better put on the rain gear quickly
Zoe and a Tzotzil indigenous woman

Distance driven today: none – instead we walked around the historical city center and got some exercise J Cumulative distance driven: 6,121 miles / 9,859km (11,000 miles to go) Today’s trip: Hotel in San Cristóbal de las Casas to central market place, to coffee shop, to lunch place, etc. Artisan masks bought for Christer’s collection: 1 After 3 weeks of continuous riding, and some 6,000 miles / 10,000km on the roads of the northern American continent, today was time for a rest day. What better place to do take a day off than picturesque San Cristóbal de las Casas, which is the main cultural center of the Chiapas district in the Mexican federation. San Cristóbal has a great historic city center, with many artisan shops, groovy coffee places, a huge variety of eateries, and a genuine ... read more
Chiapas license plate
I found a great mask for my collection
Templo de San Francisco

On tuesday we depart for Guatemala, aiming for the crossing at Ciudad Cuauhtémoc for a hopefully quick and quiet passage across the border from Mexico. It will mark the end of approximately three and a half months here, much of that in Oaxaca and Chiapas; before arriving we thought we would spend approximately six weeks in the entire country so it's been much longer than expexcted. And with good reason! Here are some things that I have really enjoyed about our time in Mexico. De la Semillas a la Nubes, Todo de la Natura From the desert sands of Sonora to the mountain forests of Chiapas, the landscape of Mexico is widely varied but always beautiful. Arriving into Tecate then hopping on a coach to Mexicali offered my first glimpse of actual desert, something we got ... read more
Uniquely Mexican landscape.
Political graffiti absolutely everywhere.
Lovely street dog Freda.

Still in San Cristóbal de las Casas. Still learning Spanish though there is only one more week of that left. Then we pack our bags and hit the road once again, aiming eastward at the Guatemalan border. June 6th marks six months since E and I, pink and naïve, climbed aboard an aeroplane at Heathrow (after they binned all the razor blades I had brought with me) and left the UK for Delhi. For half a year we have been outsiders to every city, community, and household we've visited although we frequently tried to ingratiate ourselves for the brief time we spent in a location. Nowhere is this transience better illustrated than in the number of beds or locations we have laid ourselves down on. 50. Not including the trains, planes, and buses we've spent a ... read more

Por dos semanas, E y yo aprendimos Español a la escuela "Tierras Mayas" en San Cristóbal de las Casas. Aunque podríamos habler un poco Español antes llagando a Chiapas, un resultado de escuchando y un libros de frases, queríamos a aprender más - y más rapido - antes nosotros viajamos a Centro y Sudamerica. Hay tres horas por dias, lunes a viernes, con un hora y media de conversacion y el mismo para gramatica. Al fin de semanas mi cerebros es relleno con nuevo palabras y hace mi cansar. Hoy es la media punta: hay dos semanas mås, y que estamos no más deniro por clases. Pienso que yo aprendiendo bueno aunque estoy problemas con el preterite pero ¡practicar es perfecto! El primera semana de nuestro regreso a San Cristóbal nos quedamos en el hostal se ... read more

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