On the Road to San Christabol

Published: February 24th 2017
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Leaving very early in the morning with the Plans to take the scenic route Mex 186 from Palenque to San Christabol to save 300 kms of driving the more frequent route. We are on an adventure taking challenges daily. Well I think this will be the highest test of venture. The route 196 kms in total took 9 hours of driving time thats 24 kms per hour, the roads were washed out, no shoulders, driving up high hills into the mountains and pot holes beyond anything you could imagine. A road not used much that suffers bad in rainy season gets limited funding for repair. The scenery was so beautiful the 57 towns and villages we passed through, farms on the hill sides AMAZING. Passed through only one Military check no one there and stopped at a small town Parasito for a break. Children hovered over us as we gave them candies and a fellow traveler sharing her collection of stuffed toys. We said good buy and drove off a short distance around the corner and boom a BLOCKADE. The local Indians making their plee to the goverment for fairness and sharing in such things as medical. They are not harmful,
when we suggested we would love to help them in our limited spanish the conversation was endless and the smiles on the faces were glowing. So 200 pesos each unit, they removed the make shift boards full of nails , waving as through as new friends for ever. Now arrived in San Christobal, no RV spots any where we are in Sams club parking lot. We have gone from sea level to 7000 feet. Hot by day and nice to have cool by night. It was a scary challenge would not recommend to anyone unless they go in groups and very slowly. Today we will take a tour of San Christabol old town,

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