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October 15th 2013
Published: January 22nd 2017
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Imposing, fascinating, lost in the Jungle, ancient and absolutely stunnig: this is how I felt when I first arrived at Palenque archaeological sight, just beautiful.

The Maya ruins of Palenque, are situated in the northernmost hills of the Chiapas highlands in Mexico. The Palenque ruins are probably one of my favourite and most beautiful in Mexico. Palenque temples are immense and when I climbed them the sensation I felt was really unique and being surrounded by vegetation and the forest it was like to live back in that period .

Anciently known as Lakamha’s “great water”, Palenque’s was already a regional capital between 300 BC and 250 AD.

The largest pyramid at Palenque, the Temple of the Inscriptions was built as the funerary monument for K’inich Janaab’ Pakal. Construction of this monument started in the last decade of his life, and was completed by his son. In 1952, the tomb of King Pakal was discovered deep within the temple. But Most of the tombs have been moved to Mexico City, right now.

The Palace is a complex of several connected and adjacent buildings and courtyards including a unique four-story tower. The Palace houses many fine sculptures and bas-relief carvings.

The Temple of the Cross, Temple of the Sun, and Temple of the Foliated Cross are a set of great temples each built on top of a pyramid. This group of temples, now have gone under reconstruction, was built by Pakal’s son, Chan-Bahlum.

Unfortunately the weather was not one of the finest and got a bit of rain to spoil my day in this such a beautiful place.

I found a great place nearby the ruins called Mayabell and it is a wonderful place to pitch your tent and it has got also bungalows and a pool immersed in the forest which is absolutely fantastic and recommend it.

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