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October 14th 2008
Published: October 17th 2008
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I tried to concentrate and look out the windows of the bus as not to technicolour yawn all over Orianne, it wasn't easy where has my cast iron stomach gone??? It was so beautiful looking over the cliffs into the jungle and driving through the clouds. It seemed like someone had played with the contrast buttonon the tele as everything was looking this bright , brilliant green colour. The feeling was even more relaxing,say it isnt so. Wet, wet , wet!!! No not a band of a bygone era singing love is all around but of course the weather. When it wasnt raining it was extremely humid. Remember the deafening sound of rain on an old tin roof, nice reminded me of home. Our wet clothes wouldnt dry and all our books went floppy and curling at the edges.
We stayed in this very econimica cabana in the middle of the Palenque jungle called El Panchen. We wanted to camp but apparantly no sites but lucky or we would have floated away. Yep Vivvy right next to Jungle palace and funny enough we did get offered some shrooms but we passed and kept on withour 30 peso 1 ltr Sol beers.
First morning we woke to this amazingly loud roar sort of like a lion but not.It was going on for like an hour so we were well and truly awake and put on my steve irwin flip flops and went investigating through the trees. We saw these three big howler monkeys...Cool!!!
Eager to start we walked up the little mountain to the Palenque ruins to the disappointment of the multiple taxi drivers just a wee way. The height and width of all the trees . the colours of the butterflies the ants the jungle truly amazing to be plonked right in the middle of it all. We couldnt help walk along and sing (in french 101) ¨Dams le jungle, terrib le jungle, le lion est mort ce soir. Viens ma belle, viens ma gazelle le lion est mort ce soir... ah weeeeeeee¨
We stumbled across a track it looked well enough used so we followed it and it led to a baby waterfall so lovely and fresh water and ever so welcoming. It became our shower for the few days.
The night the rain set in so we sat out at our outdoor economica bar ,the plastic chair table ensemble, drinking our massive beers and meeting the other backpackers. Two loud english sisterscaught up with us they were sort of following us similar enroute , really funny 39 and 29 they seemed to fumble there way through mexico and an 18mnth holiday. Billy Bob the ye olde american dude worked on the alaskan pipeline and beenmarried three times, our mexican friend very animated chapand of course a lover not a fighter. He spoke spanish slowly to us helped us understand andchat along and this swiss chickwho just finshed her anthropology degree. Well after a few of those cerveca grande i started chatting away about our friend Simon, well the jungle reminded me of the cheeky monkey anyway, and his anthropology course and friends then it extended to vivvy and liz and mexico and aand and .
Well i woke with raindrops on my face from our leaking cabana with a headache and felt sorry for the poor girl listening to my slurred life story hee heexxxxx Off to cuba

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17th October 2008

It looks so beautiful. Wish i was there with you for a few weeks!! Maybe i will?! somewhere some time on ur journey. Am certainly jealous!! Keep having a wonderful journey my sweet friend XXXX
20th October 2008

Palenque looks like a paradise
Ohhhhh your pics are so beautifull, I miss you so much and I'm very happy to see that you enjoy your time in this paradise... to travel is the best thing that we can do....Take care and ENJOY! Sarah I like your umbrella....Orianne j'aime beaucoup la photo de ton postérieur en premier plan des waterfalls..héhéhéhé! I Love you!
20th October 2008

hola chica! si, palenque estan muy bonita! ur still lookin too white but honey, quick, get to the beach!! besos xox
20th October 2008

Thanks J, yeah wow see how you go plus we are all over the shop with our trip we here then there making decions last min. XXX
20th October 2008

He he muy blanca ,si. Well i have some colour but its starting to fade and now we are back in de mountainas about to start escula in xela so no luck there but may take day trips to the pacific coast. buenes suerta chicka xx
20th October 2008

Hey lovlies, great great photos. The waterfall looks so inviting, and those ants.....have seen them on TV before I think?!!! So lush! Bring on Goa!!! Love you and miss yolu heaps. xxx

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