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July 8th 2007
Published: July 8th 2007
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As I said in my last journal, I wanted to have my chest checked out to make sure everything was allright, so I went to the doctor when I arrived in Comitan from San Cristobal. After checking it, she said everything was fine and it was probably a muscle strain (as I had suspected). She then suggested I take a painkiller similar to Advil. The total cost, $1.50 for the visit, $2.00 for the medicine.

I started feeling better that afternoon and went out to listen to music in the plaza and play pool at a billiards hall right across the street from the central plaza. This was what made Comitan more enjoyable to me than San Cristobal. It was mostly locals and it was easy to meet people, unlike San Cristobal.

The next morning I took a collectivo to Lagos de Montebello, famed for their turquoise colors. I was able to walk to five of the lakes. Three of them were incredible, while the other two lacked their color due to the rain.

Upon returning, I noticed that the pain had returned, and it was especially evident when I went to play pool this day. I could not play without it hurting me and it was showing in my game, in which I could barely hit a shot. Thus, I decided to take it easy and go to bed.

The next morning again I felt a little better. After debating whether to go to Lagos de Colon to swim or not, I ultimately chose to go, a great decision. These lakes (and river) were a beautiful turquoise color, and I again had the chance to swim by local falls. I could not swim as well as I had hoped due to the chest issue, but it was still an awesome and fun time.

That night, I went to play pool again and felt well enough to play well, a sign of improvement. I then went to a bar, where I met some locals who were awesome. They ended up hiring a Mariachi band to play a couple songs for me, which was awesome.

The next morning I would head to Xela.

Note: My chest is much improved and I only notice any muscle tension now when I cough. I've since played football (soccer) and done a hike with no problems related to it. So I'm fairly certain it's better now.


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