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November 7th 2013
Published: February 13th 2017
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Edzna is located in the north of the Mexican state of Campeche and it is a fascinating Mayan city.

Edzna also has one of the most sophisticated Mayan systems for channeling and retaining water.

The word Edzna means “House of the Itzas” a civilization that inhabited this region before they went in Chichen Itza.

Very early this place was occupied and it is said that ,around 600 BC, the first settlers arrived before becoming a major city a few centuries after.

The top sightseeing and most beautiful and awesome is the Great plaza of edzna which is a spectacular elevated platform with different structures.

Within the cool plaza there is a structure over 30 meters tall called the Piramide de los Cinco Pisos "pyramid of the five floors."

I could not wait but climbing on top of it to admire the beauty of this wonderful place.

I visited also the Small Plaza just south of the Great one.

It is an elevated platform pretty similar to the Great Plaza and probably some of the oldest at Edzna.

Around this area, the Temple of the Relief Stairways is the largest "Piramide" at the Small plaza.

Edzna is definitely a small site to explore but worth of a visit if ,by chance, you end up somewhere in the pretty state of Campeche.

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21st February 2017

Wow you are certainly exploring the delights of Mexico Marcos. Edzna...you have introduced us to a lesser known Mayan gem. This pyramid with windows or doors is amazing. Could you go inside it?
22nd February 2017

Hey Dave, yes Ezdna is certainly a less explored site and what I love most of it,unlike others ruins, is that it is immersed in the forest and give the idea of being one of the first explores ,especially that day I visited that.Definitely a place to see..
22nd February 2017

Sorry Dave I forgot to replay to you question: and at times you can visit the top part of the pyramid but it may also be forbidden.

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