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October 17th 2006
Published: October 17th 2006
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Had a tooth fall apart leaving a huge gap. the dentist checks me out, cleans out the area, and fits me for a crown, and presents me with a bill for one thousand dollars. this baby boomer has no dental insurance. ouch. they fit me with a temp crown, I pay the bill, and exit. somehow, I feel I have been taken.

A few days later, I return to get the crown put on. But I tell them about the pain in my tooth. He tells me I need a root canal. thanks. why didn't to tell me that before the crown was paid for and made? I smell a scam. They make an appointment for me, it will be another thousand dollars.

had a friend of mine on his way down to TJ for some dental work done, so I decide to go with him. he says a root canal there only costs three hundie.

so down to TJ I went. Dentist's office had 4 chairs in one room. they set me in one. a fella in one of the chairs started reassuring me that the 'dr' is really good, that I won't feel a thing. an assistant sits down, puts on latex gloves and starts probing around. the root canal doctor is on his way.

it was sometime after siesta that the doc finally shows up. he shuffles in with untied shoes and an unbuttoned shirt that is not tucked in. must've been a great siesta. I explain to him all I know about the cracked tooth, the crown that is ordered back at home, and how I can't get the crown on without a root canal. fine. he grunts. His grunt meant that he didn't undertand a word I said. this is MEXICO.

so I lay back, close my eyes, and fully trust this guy. he puts cotton (or was it bun wad?) in my mouth and numbs a corner where he places a needle. I swear I thought he was going to fill my head with novacain. he empties the syringe, fills it up again, and shoots another load in.

everyone was right. I didn't feel a thing. he could have extracted all my teeth for all I knew. I should have asked him to take my tonsels out while he had my mouth pried open. It took almost 2 hours. I must confess he worked hard. if this was costing 300 dollars, this guy was earning his money. had to file away calcium deposits.

are you enjoying this? is anyone here? ANYONE HOME?

remember... this isn't Fodors

and I'm not Jack Kerouac


30th December 2006

how did it turn out?
How did your dentistry go? Can you recommend a tijuana dentist to me? Thanks.
31st December 2006

you know, I just cannot recommend it. I do have some friends that swear by it, but all the equipment was so antiquated. And, I really wonder what they use for packing root canals, etc. It may get you out of the door with less money, but in the long run, I am afraid I'd end up paying more. Sorry I cannot be more optimistic.

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