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April 23rd 2010
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The one upside to all the rain.
Random happenings and things I've learned today:

1. Boys (meaning young "men") can be extremely frustrating. No explanation needed.

2. When it has been raining and there is a lot of mud, you should not drive excessively fast with only a short distance to cover. Why? Because your tires don't necessarily stop when you want them to and you might kill a cute puppy who is almost always cooped up in a small pen and doesn't know what to do when a car is coming towards him :-( RIP Toby.

3. It is 55°F in my room right now. We got hail yesterday and rain off and on all day yesterday and today. I'm in MEXICO and it's the end of April... definitely not liking this.

4. I drove stick shift for the first time!! I was out on a dirt road with few cars around for most of the time. I must say, I think I did pretty good... until the very end. When I went to enter the Posada (where I live and where the offices and storage areas are), I had to wait for the gate to open so lost all momentum and then

When he was about 1 month old in January.
got stuck in the mud. I had to go in reverse and try again. Meanwhile, cars are trying to pass behind me and all the rest of the guys were inside watching... and the pick up shut off on me 3 times. When I finally got in, they were all chuckling. Anywho, I had fun 😊


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