Is anybody reading anymore????

Published: March 28th 2011
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It may be a little difficult to imagine how this is going to turn out, but it will be very unique!
I have so few comments anymore that I wonder if it is all too boring or if, possibly no one is getting the blogs??

In any case, things are going well here. We have had days of calm winds followed by days of almost gale force winds! On the calm days, I go kayaking and on the windy days I find stuff to do here or just somehow waste the day away! I have had 2 great days of whale watching! What a thrill!

We decided to put in a bathroom here! This is a huge thing for us as we said that we would not ever do it. But knowing that we were just "borrowing trouble" with the RV toilet and the connected "black" tank (aka the poop hole), we opted to put in our own bathroom complete w/ the porcelain goddess, sink and shower. Now the question remains: When will it be done? It is hard to say but we are in week two, and the walls have been installed, the sewer pipe set in concrete and the sink pipe intact. We also did not want the "ceramic tile" look and went with the rustico which will be totally awesome!!! The wall of our shower will be set with stones in concrete! It complements the rest of our Mexican theme. Lots of folks here are envious of our design! We are hopeful that by the time that Meghan and Matt get here, it will be done.....but one never know!!! Things always start quickly and then come to a very sudden standstill! Such is life in Mexico! You either love it or you will never survive.

I continue teaching my Spanish to the residents here and there is never a dull moment! We have such a blast in that class! It surely is fun to teach without any "risks" of being called on the carpet!! I swear and everything in class! They love it and I love it more. least let me know if you are getting my blogs.......and HOLA to all of you out in winter wonderland. Sorry about that last storm. Do NOT even ask me to come home any earlier!!!!! But glad for all of my teacher sisters/friends who got a few days off!!!

Hasta pronto!

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The guys listen to this radio while they work....and yes, it really works...check out the connection in the next photo!

28th March 2011

yes...reading your blogs
Kath....seems like a long time since I received one. Bathroom looks awesome - love the stone wall!
28th March 2011

Yes, we are still reading and enjoying every bit of it. We have bought a place in Bradenton, Fl. Spent our first night last night. It is so big compared to what we have been living in. Took a lot of cleaning, but that is almost over. What a deal, 2500.00. On a golf course, private entrance to the Moose (walking or golf cart path) fully furnished ,32" TV, washer and dryer, new queen bed,pull out couch, 2 rocker recliners,new carpet in living area. We are going to the Tiger/Yankee game tomorrow. 40% chance of rain. My daughter is on a cruise ship in Cabo as I write. Must go clean out other place. Keep writing!
28th March 2011

Where is this bathroom?
28th March 2011

Where is this bathroom? Yes - I read your blog!!!
28th March 2011

We sure are getting and reading your blog.
Mike & Kath, Your bathroom wall looks great, love the stones. I hope it gets done before Meg & Matt get there. Did you ever get your fan blades on your fan? Frank & I both have been pretty sick, but we are on the mend now. Will be glad when the cold weather is gone. It's been sooooo cold here and of course all the darn snow.. :( Take care and keep the blogs coming, we love them..
29th March 2011

receiving loud and clear....
Hi you two, I always leave a comment even if a cheeky one lol .. so no comment from me means not received the blog. We're still in England, house remodelling least all floors ,skirting boards ,doors and uprights finished ( beautiful oak ). My Dave doing a fab job on it all, but has handed job over to plasterer to reskim all the walls for painting. Yesterday took 5 hours to strip all wallpaper off lounge walls !!! of course had loads coffee breaks lol.....We can appreciate all the work you're doing in your place. New shower area is a great idea. Mum is still doing good and fingers crossed we'll be returning to USA asap after end April. I have issues with a molar and until cleared by the Dentist we can't book flights. Hey your friend Jaenicke got a super deal in Bradenton -- we'll be looking for a static place some time for 6 months, can you ask how they found it etc... ok back to the grind stone as we say here keep enjoying yourselves.... hugs to you both x
30th March 2011

Super cool!!
Love the stone bath--- very, very cool!!!
30th March 2011

que bonita
Your shower looks great--muy mexicano. Would be nice if it were done before you leave, but don't stay just for that. I miss you.
30th March 2011

Great Potty Room!!!
Hey, I love your design, the stone/rock wall is very unique and will certainly fit right in with your overall decor! Wish we could visit again soon. Take care, love, Bob and Joyce.

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