Lord of the Winds Showdown, First Annual

Published: January 16th 2011
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First, Happy Birthday to my sister, Maureen! Hope it was a good one!!!!

The last few days here have seen big doings w/ the big Lord of the Wind Showdown which has attracted a few kiters. I can't really say that it has brought in a lot of extra folks but for a first year event, it has been kind of fun. The only bad thing is that they have blocked most of the beach from quads and other traffic. We watched a few of the competitions, but I am just not that interested in it. Certainly the wind has held up VERY well for the activities. We only hope that it does not get to be TOO big of an event. We try hard to keep our paradise a secret but many are finding it. Saturday there was a big bonfire and a "bikini" contest followed by live music and dancing. At about that time, we left!

I began my Spanish classes here in the park and it has been fun, as usual. Teaching adults is very entertaining.

We did tear about the inside of the RV again in order to make some more storage and hired the local carpenter again. Of course with all of his "precise measurements", upon his return with the pantry,it did NOT fit!!!!! Cecilio did a bit of swearing and tried to assure us that his measurements for the pantry were correct, he just did not figure in how it would fit IN once inside the RV!!! Another comedy of errors......

Not much else to report other than wind, wind, and MORE wind!!!

Hope all is well with you and yours!

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Oh, no!  Oh, no!
Oh, no!

But the measurements were right! What about the angle to get it in????

Not sure what kind but very big and fast!
The final fit!The final fit!
The final fit!

Notice the "nicks" on the ceiling?

16th January 2011

Too Funny!
Hi, Kath. No, I am still not getting the blog. Just tell me when you send one, and I will get on and read it. I have no trouble going to the blog. The pantry looks really nice. The picture is more revealing than when you show me via computer. Although the comedy of errors took place, in the end it was worth it. The wood looks beautiful! Just paid the second installment for the casita! Getting excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sue
16th January 2011

The pantry looks great! You have a birthday coming up soon. We won't mention age. Love, Maureen
17th January 2011

Okay that spider is downright scary!!!!! But the pantry looks great!
17th January 2011

lots of decorating......ug.....but the results are awsome. lots of snow leet and ice in hotatlanta....everything is closed....freeways and offices.........getting out of the winterwonderland........freezing....hotatlanta is not made for this .....enjoy your winds.......its my christmas today......so merry chirstmas to you and mike.........hope its a good spider......have a fun time teaching spanish...demi just started her lessons in spanish.......

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