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December 18th 2010
Published: December 18th 2010
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Things are coming together here at our place and we are getting more organized. Hopefully this year when we leave it will be easier to store things as we have consolidated stuff--outdoor couch, loveseat with storage underneath.....

We recently hired the local carpenters here to put in a little table inside the RV. We made some changes inside here--took out the couch and booth and moved the refrigerator to make more space for hanging clothing. The guys came over, measured, we negociated and then moved outside where I wanted them to make some doors for under the TV area along with a shelf underneath. No problem. They were eager to get the work done, and didn't even want $$ to buy materials (aka cerveza). They promised that they would be back the next day.....AND they were----BUT! The table was 3 inches too short and the doors on the frame under the TV were clearly NOT centered. We measured, they measured and sure enough, we were right, the doors were NOT centered and the table was short. So back to the shop they went and returned a few hours later, installed the doors and set the table but "forgot" the box we wanted them to build over the pipes on the floor (hot/cold water) . Oh, and the shelf for under the TV--another carpenter used it for another project but not to worry. Again they returned w/ the little box to cover the pipes (previously measured) three inches too short. After all this IS the Baja! That was last Saturday. Today, Friday, they returned, remeasured for the shelf and Mike also hired them to make some stops for this chest of drawers. Who knows what mistakes will be made next.

Wednesday I went to la Paz with some of the girls from here to do some Segunda shopping but didn't come away with much. We also hit the Walmart, Home Depot and Sears. The week before we went into San Jose de Cabo and went to the city center where they were getting Christmas decorations up. It looked really cool.

Here in Los Barriles Christmas decorations are beginning to come out. It doesn't seem to be that big of deal but we shall see what transpires in the next few days.

We did have some work done this year which completes our projects for this year. The tile and the concrete couch/loveseat was completed over the summer. We are thrilled with the outcome. We then decided to enclose the back wall a bit to cut down on the wind and also put a palapa (palm covered roof) down from the back of the trailer to the wall. The wind has been down so far but we are hoping that that will help with the "tunnel" of wind that can rush through here.

Our buddy, Rogelio, continues to visit several times a day. Tomorrow my friend, Betty, and I are hosting a dinner for the workers and their families. It will be an informal affair but we are really looking forward to it and we know that the workers are very excited to gather with us. There will be about 25 of us!

So that is about it from here at this point. Hope all are well. We are beginning to get a little melancholy about the upcoming holiday without family but we will be attending a park gathering which should be fun. Dirty Santa gift exchange will be the highlight. Much like what we do at the Sweeney Xmas.

Miss you! Send news!!!

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19th December 2010

the place looks great!!! why no picture of mike this time? love sammy
20th December 2010

Missed you
We missed you at the Sweeney Christmas. Just didn't seem the same without you. Thank you so much for the really neat table mat that you made. I love it and will be taking it to Florida with us as it will be perfect on the glass table that we have. The Dubay family made it to the Christmas party and it was really nice to see all of them with the exception of Ann and family. The little kids have grown so and little Johnny is so cute. Little kids sure make the holidays. I'm kind of ready for all of my kids to arrive on Thursday. (If I am ever really ready) But, truly looking forward to all of them coming. Hope you and Mike have a really great holiday in the Baja. Love and best wishes - Joyce

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