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January 17th 2018
Published: January 17th 2018
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This blog entry is a little dedication to our sweet Goldie, whom we put to sleep on the 11thJanuary when her tumour had reached the point that it was causing her unnecessary pain and suffering. We weren’t sure whether to write an entry like this, but decided that she was such a big part of our lives, and indeed this trip, that it would be wrong not to.

Ken rescued Goldie from the roadside in Puerto Rico back in 2007, when she was just a little pup, but she soon made herself at home with him and ended up spending the next 10+ years by our sides. From then on she led life at only one speed: full on! From chasing tennis balls or squirrels to swimming in lakes or scampering up mountains, she was always ready for action and her enthusiasm for playtime (and food) never dwindled, even up to the last few weeks of her life. Most of all though, she just loved affection and would happily snuggle up next to us (or complete strangers!) and demand to be petted for hours and hours…it was never enough, and if we stopped she would let out little
A favourite snuggling poseA favourite snuggling poseA favourite snuggling pose

Carrollton, VA, 2014
groans and demand more!

We knew when we left on this trip that her time would end at some point during it, but knowing that hasn’t lessened the great sense of loss we now feel. We were lucky to find a very compassionate vet in the city of La Paz, who was happy to come into Tortuga and administer the drugs, so we know that her last moments were in a familiar environment with the people she loved most. We feel blessed to have had such an adorable and sweet-natured companion in our lives for the last 10 years and her memory will live on as we continue our travels to parts unknown. Thanks to all of you who showed her love and gave her cuddles during her life…she lived a great life indeed. We hope you enjoy the photos! (there should be 12 total) ~ Fi

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This was in 2016 during our travels in Casita
Life on the Edge!Life on the Edge!
Life on the Edge!

Goosenecks Dam State Park, Nov 2017
Galloping off into the sunsetGalloping off into the sunset
Galloping off into the sunset

Morro Strand State Beach, California, Dec 2017
Wall Beach, Vandenburg Airforce BaseWall Beach, Vandenburg Airforce Base
Wall Beach, Vandenburg Airforce Base

Dec 2017. This was probably her favourite place during our Tortuga travels.
This is what she loved mostThis is what she loved most
This is what she loved most

Goldie's last full day, 10th Jan 2018, in La Paz, Mexico

17th January 2018

RIP Goldie
Hi Ken and Fee, I’m so sad to read this post. I know how much you loved her. I’m glad that she was with you at the end. Lots of love and hugs to you Poof. Love, Cheryl
17th January 2018

RIP Goldie.
A fitting dedication to Goldie, the sweetest dog we have ever had the good fortune to get to know and love. RIP Goldie.
17th January 2018

Farewell to Goldie
What a great tribute to a special dog. And her humans. The three of you are all special creatures. Farewell Goldie!
17th January 2018

So sorry to hear about Goldie
What a beautiful tribute to such a sweet dog! It made me cry! She was such a sweetheart! Sending love and my deepest sympathies! I just loved her!
17th January 2018

Somewhere over the rainbow bridge
My heart is heavy for you both, but gosh, what a life Goldie had. She was a lucky dog to have humans like you, and I am sure she enjoyed her life to the fullest because of you.
17th January 2018

Rest in Peace Goldie
Our thoughts & prayers are with you both... we're so sorry to hear about your loss of your beloved family member. My favorite memory of Goldie was when I was your house guest in San Diego & sweet Goldie being the great family guard dog, fended off a skunk for us and the aroma filled the house for the rest of the night & into the next day! I believe Ken had to shave all her hair off too!? ;) Love & miss you both... please come to NC soon for a visit!
17th January 2018

Goldie Girl
Oh Ken & Fiona ... Bill just showed me your post about My Sweet Goldie Girl XOXOXOXOX I am So So So Sorry !!! After seeing the pics you posted, What an Amazing life you have given her !!!! My memories of her are The Best !!!!! I will Miss Her XOXOXOXOX I know she Loved her life !!! Going to visit her after breakfast & hearing her excited through the door ... & just loving the love we gave her XOXOXOXOXOXOX We Love & Miss You All XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
18th January 2018

So Very Sorry for this news,,Goldie she was a true cool friend , She was tough too, I remember once she has that big gash in her side and she just looked to Fi with an expression that said ,,are you going to fix this or what.
Well Sorry for you Loss, she was a true friend to you both. Hand in there
18th January 2018

RIP Goldie
Hi Fi and Ken. So sorry to hear about Goldie. I never had the pleasure of meeting her but can appreciate how much joy she brought to you both. Rest in Peace Goldie. Love Hilda x
19th January 2018

Sweet Goldie!
You could never say how she touched you, but Emily and I have some idea. It’s so tough to make a call to end your pet’s life. Just know she is still in your hearts and is your guardian angel supporting your life’s journeys! Love and peace to Goldie and you two. Jeff

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