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Published: December 26th 2016
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I chose to stay at the Solmar, which I thought was a fairly good value. Things were well appointed without being a hugely upscale experience financially. I would stay there again. I think their water is actually fairly well treated, but I still used bottle water the entire time I was there just in case and that worked out just fine.

As part of the package I had, I was given free "American Breakfast" every day at one of their snack bars. Turned out to be a really nice breakfast every day with ham, scrambled eggs, some rice, some tortillas, and a very fresh fruit salad. They took some time with food presentation as well, and once I noticed that, figured out the food would be pretty good and was right about that.

Solmar and Grand Solmar (right next door) are on Land's End and thus back to the beach. Unfortunately, the swell and strength of the waves along that stretch of beach are consistently strong, and the worry is that if you get in the water, you have a difficult time getting out even though there are virtually no rocks in that particular part of the beach. And
I believe that the entire stretch of Land's End beach is private, so if you walk the beach you will likely be asked by a service person where you are staying to verify you can be there. At high tide though, and maybe other times of day too, the service people watching the beach will watch where you are walking and may advise you to walk further away from the water. I was told this at least twice, but of course, I was walking where I could get my feet wet.

The Solmar also has a couple of pools, one of which has in water bar seating. Had never tried that before, but that is pretty nice. On a hot day, that could be really comfortable.

The photos attached here are from the grounds of the Solmar.

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In Water Bar SeatingIn Water Bar Seating
In Water Bar Seating

Can you say ahhhhh?

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