Crazy Canadian Driver

Published: January 4th 2014
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Since we only had our rental car until 2 pm, we decided to drive to Cabo San Lucas, about 20 minutes South on Hwy 1. A beautiful drive along the coastline, beaches, private villas, several gorgeous golf courses, large hotels. Economically it seems to be doing well here unlike Cozumel or Costa Rica where we saw lots of real estate developments that were started then abandoned, here everything seems to be booming. Most likely due to all the Canadian contributions to the local economy.

We drove a loop around Cabo San Lucas, a large cruise ship was parked in the harbour. Downtown in the narrow streets there are lots of tourist shops selling souvenirs, restaurants, stores, hotels, pretty much what we expected. We drove by a lovely marina we will need to explore in more detail when we have more time. Our main goal in Cabo San Lucas was to shop at the Costco to stock up on some heavy grocery items while we still have a car to haul them back to our condo. We were on our way when Ian spotted a pedestrian at what we thought was some sort of cross walk. He slowed quickly to a stop, the lanes of traffic beside us still whirling by, then we heard the squeal of breaks followed by the sound of a car crash behind us. Luckily, the vehicles didn't run into us! Ian then started to go again what else could he do, leaving the lady still stranded in the median waiting to cross and the crashed vehicles to deal with themselves, oh well, I guess they don't stop for pedestrians in Mexico! Crazy Canadian driver causes crash in Cabo - lesson learned.

Costco was the same as anywhere else. We bought some salmon, chicken, beer, socks, it was all the usual brands and quality, but certainly anything but cheap, even a bit more expensive than Canada.

After returning our rental car, we walked back to our condo, about 1.5 km, we needed the exercise since all we've been doing is driving and eating. It was sunny and hot, about 26 C, we were breaking a good sweat at the end of our stroll as our condo is up a hill about 250 steps. Who needs a gym.

We hung around the pool and met a couple from Regina, then it was a nice evening for some bbq salmon.


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