Glimpses of Mexico . . .

Published: April 24th 2010
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Spring break is in full force on the ship. This means I have hundreds of teenagers onboard to entertain yet somehow control enough to please everybody else on the ship. The first day of this cruise also marked the 6-month point of my contract. I am tired. I am worn out. And it all caught up with me this week. I woke up the first day of my final busy cruise, sick. The next day, a day at sea, I was worse. I went to the infirmary hoping they would give me something to make me feel better. I ended up signed off work to rest.

The next day we were in Cabo San Lucas. I’d never been to Cabo and had heard it’s supposed to be great so I was really looking forward to it. But being signed off sick to rest means no getting off the ship - you really must rest. So I spent the day in bed sleeping. I briefly went outside on the crew deck so I could say that I at least saw Cabo.

Today, I was officially back, but I had to work during the day. We were in Mazatlan - also a new port for me. But I spent the day working and when not working, sleeping. So Mazatlan too is only seen from the ship.

Tomorrow we have an extended port day, so I intend to sleep and then get out off the ship. At least I’ll get one of the new ports in then.

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