Galapagos and Beyond: day 19 - Family Wedding on Cabo Resort Beach

Published: July 15th 2018
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Sunday - the big day. We spent the day relaxing and then getting ready for the wedding ceremony. I (Lesley) had managed to avoid the sandy beaches for the past 13 days but today I had to succumb as the ceremony was literally on the beach.

Whilst I was titivating myself, Don ran down to the Chabad restaurant to get food for us and for Caroline and Max.

We started the celebrations with photographs. For these we removed the resort bands from our wrists, and stuffed them away. However, this proved to be a bit problematic as there were drinks at the bar first and the wait staff had a challenge with serving us without us wearing these bands. However, we soon managed to sort this out and we were drinking our margaritas!

Then we all went down to the beach. The specific time and place were chosen so that there would be some shade from the resort buildings.

The ceremony was conducted by Katie and Ben’s good friend Billy, and took place under a beautiful chuppah. Before the bride and groom came out we were serenaded by a couple of Mexican musicians. The procession was led by bridesmaids - two “bubble girls" came out. These were Ben’s nieces who instead of distributing rose petals distributed bubbles. They carried bubble machines. They had been practicing all morning and everybody had been bubbled on! Then Ben came out with his parents followed by Katie on the arms of her mum and dad, Rob and Mike.

There followed a very moving ceremony where Billy made a speech and had most of us in tears. Katie and Ben then renewed their vows (as they had been married officially in Seattle in October) and instead of throwing confetti at the bride and groom we blew bubbles from the little bubble pots which had been in our goody bags.

Then we all went up to the terrace restaurant for the party. There were more drinks for the reception and nosh bits were brought around and then we sat down for dinner. Our meal was a great success but Caroline’s wasn’t too good. We then danced the night away.

At 11 pm the party formally finished. Don and I went to our room to pack and get ready for our departure the next morning.

We understand that some of the younger members of the party - including the bride in her wedding gown - jumped into the pool fully clothed and played around until they were thrown out.

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