Galapagos and Beyond: day 18 - Chabad Shabbat then Cabo Karaoke

Published: July 15th 2018
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We were able to have a lie-in as the service at Chabad started at 11 am!!! We strolled back to the Chabad house. The town was relatively calm and quiet after the rocking and rolling of the night before. At the fire station youngsters were training to be fire fighters. They were all dressed in a uniform and they were lining up in formation obviously to be put through their paces. The older firefighters were getting out buckets and hoses ready to show them how to get wet! The youngsters were taking it all very seriously.

Again we had a minyan, which pleased us and amazed the rabbi. After the service ended we went next door to the rabbi’s apartment for lunch. Lunch was not so chaotic as the night before but there were still about 20 people around the table. There was more than enough food for everybody. After a few hours we were able to leave without appearing rude.

By the time we walked back past the fire station all thei kids were gone as their training was finished.

Back at the hotel we simply idled the rest of the day away at the pool. The last cadre of the family arrived and we were able to catch up with them.


At 8.30 pm we all met up in the hotel foyer to go off to a bar for a karaoke evening. Two large taxi vans arrived and we set off. We turned up at a bar which was jam packed - but it was the wrong place. Eventually we arrived at the right place. Our party of about 20 were the only people in the bar. The evening started and we all had a turn (or two or ...) at the mike! It was great fun, and many of the crowd joined in singing - and bopping - to most of the songs.. Suddenly a large number of other people turned up - they had seen us having a blast and they wanted to join us! So the party suddenly got bigger.

At about midnight we (Don and I, Caroline and Max, and a couple other wedding guests) decided to walk back to the resort. Our niece was horror struck that we were going to walk! It was fine and if we thought that the town was heaving the previous evening then it was bursting at the seams on this Saturday night. There was definitely a carnival atmosphere about town.


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