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August 6th 2012
Published: September 4th 2012
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We went on a boat. It was late. I played on my Ipod and slept. It was fun. I went on a helicopter that was little. I sat in the front. It was cool. We went to a fish factory. We put on funny clothes. We saw lots of shrimp. It was cool - Sofia Journal Entry Aug 6-7 So many pictures and cool stuff we did in those 4 days in Ilulissat that I had to make 2 blogs about it. We saw part of a soccer game.... Read Full Entry

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Falling Glacier LevelFalling Glacier Level
Falling Glacier Level

Global Warming???
After Many IcebergsAfter Many Icebergs
After Many Icebergs

It was time to play with our electronic devices
View of GlacierView of Glacier
View of Glacier

Helicopter Stop outside of ilulissat
Royal GreenlandRoyal Greenland
Royal Greenland

Our Shrimp Factory Tour
View from our HotelView from our Hotel
View from our Hotel

Hotel Avaanna

5th September 2012

So cool that Sofia got to sit up front in the helicopter
When she is 20 she will have a stack of amazing memories. Can't wait to meet you.
6th September 2012

She is one lucky girl that Sofia!

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