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North America » Greenland » South Greenland » Qaqortoq October 4th 2009

Really enjoyed my day here. Qaqortoq’s population of 3500 is primarily Inuits with some Danes residing here. Judy, Diana and I walked around the small town. We spent quite a bit of time with an Inuit gentleman who makes jewelry from the rocks on the island. Saw lots of children out playing and went to a local grocery store. There were some unique items in the store, but much was the same that you see in the USA. Sat in front of a little café while some drank coffee. Started out to be a very cold day, but as the sun came out, it warmed a little bit. Nice day and nice people on the island. ... read more
Miche, Gary, Rick, Roxie
Diane's hat & Barb in the scarf

North America » Greenland » South Greenland March 7th 1987

An Excerpt from the Travel Journal of Nigel Fox circa 1925 Entry 20 -- Kristland It was late spring when I decided to ask for Norah's hand in marriage. We had been growing ever closer as we worked together on her 'quest'. Passing so much time in each other's company, it had been amazing to me that neither of us seemed to tire of the other. Sipho had spent most his time with the crew; giving Norah and I the privacy we craved. At first I had been the perfect gentleman, indulging only in hand holding. However, our passion for each other grew in leaps and bounds. I began to feel like a schoolboy again: unable to wait until I caught sight of her every morning, delighting in each change of clothing, each subtle glance, each ... read more

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