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North America » Greenland » South Greenland August 17th 2018

The day began with a thick veil of fog engulfing our passage towards Prince Christian Sound. The fog was burning off and by the time that we went up to the Lido for breakfast, today was turning into an incredible sunny day. It was nothing like our last passage through the fog shrouded stony walled passages of Prince Christian Sound. I had worn just a light sweater up for breakfast, and Sharon suggested that I go on up to the Sports Deck, take her phone and take some pictures. All of this because I’d observed a fair-sized iceberg passing by on our entrance to Prince Christian Sound. She was going to go back to the cabin and get the camera. At first there was no noticeable breeze, and I found an opening on the rail. I ... read more
Waterfalls from Snow melting
Crows Nest
First Un-named Glacier

North America » Greenland » South Greenland July 27th 2018

Greenland checked off a new country visited for both of us. Today, we do some scenic cruising through Prince Christian Sound (ice bergs permitting) and on to Iceland (another new country for me). All of us have pondered the unique relationship between these two islands: How Greenland has more ice than Iceland; and, Iceland has more green than Greenland. The captain had promised some beautiful photo opportunities, provided of course that the weather allows us to navigate the sound; and, there are no rogue icebergs that block our passage. We learned that a sound is a waterway that has two (or more) openings to the open sea. The weather seemed to be threatening fog all night. Duncan had conceded that one of the disadvantages of having a cabin on the Navigation Deck is that you get ... read more
waterfall near beginning of sound
Mountain tops peaking thru the lower layer of fog
Rounded iceberg

North America » Greenland » South Greenland » Qaqortoq July 26th 2018

Today we are blessed with a sunny and clear day in Qaqortoq (cchhah-ka-tocchh). The “Q” is a sound that is supposed to be produced at the back of your throat, not dissimilar to the clicking sound some cultures use in their speech; but, which is foreign to most Americans. I could see the sun filtering in our stateroom window as I worked on the blog. I was enjoying one of my two dark chocolate candies left by our cabin steward. Our steward has been most generous on this leg of our journey, and has left milk chocolate only once. You see, Sharon gets the milk chocolate candies; while, I get the dark chocolate ones. I’m fully expecting Sharon to leave the cabin steward a note, something to the extent, “Please, no more Dark Chocolate.” But she ... read more
Bar with Entertainment at night in Qaqortoq
Some of the colorful houses in Qaqortoq
Rotterdam docked in Qaqortoq

North America » Greenland » South Greenland September 24th 2017

Next year we will practise havoc, In that green trench. The saws will yammer their nagging dirge, The donkeys will gather the corpses, The land will be hammered to stumps and ruin... Peter Trower, The Ridge Trees. Despite living in a treeless domain, I actually, somewhat like the trees and their branches that diminish the forever-wind and present us with squirrels. The southern tip of Greenland has trees. I’m not talking a daunting claustrophobic jungle that destroys all light that tries to penetrate the canopy, I’m talking a handful of trees, scattered about an otherwise treeless void. There are larches, spruces and pines living among the alders and birches! The landscape is green, the leaves are crisp and shiny, the late blooming flowers stand resplendent in colour, and there are no bears prowling, nor any squirrels ... read more
Drying Fish
Tasermiut Fjord

North America » Greenland » South Greenland August 31st 2017

Today we arrived at the southern shore of Greenland We entered the Prince Christian Sound about 10AM We will be cruising the sound all day. This is really a fjord that has been formed by glacial sculpting over millenia. The sides of the fjord are huge rock formations that bear the marks of the moving glacier that once filled this whole area. There were many small glaciers visible and waterfalls all along the way. Occasionally you could hear a small bit of ice calve off of the glacier. We passed one large glacier that had a small waterfall right at its edge. We continued on through the fjord and finallly came out at the southern end of Greenland. We sailed through the beautiful islands that are on the southern aspect of Greenland. We are going to ... read more

I'll start off my blog with this story about Greenland. The first stop was Narsarsuaq, the gateway to Southern Greenland. This town of roughly 200 people serves as one of two main international gateways to Greenland, and has flights to Denmark in full season. However, the easiest (yet not cheapest) way to reach Greenland was to arrive from Iceland, seeing as how one of us was flying in from Europe, and one from North America. Luckily, Air Iceland serves Narsarsuaq from Reykjavik. You might ask, what's there to do in Narsarsuaq. The answer to that is "not much"... However, it's also the wrong question to ask. The point is that you shouldn't go to Greenland for the cities (or, rather, towns). There are plenty of hiking trails around Narsarsuaq: the most famous of which are the ... read more
Across the Fjord
Narsarsuaq Airport, landside
In front of the hotel

North America » Greenland » South Greenland » Narssarssuaq September 4th 2013

Et gode ved at arbejde i Grønland er muligheden for at opleve dele af landet, som man ellers aldrig ville komme til at besøge. I 23 dage af juni måned var jeg således af sted på min første ”Grønlands-ekspedition”, da jeg sammen med 3 øvrige arbejdskollegaer skulle foretage de indledende forundersøgelser til udvidelsen af vandkraftværket ved Qorlortorsuaq i Sydgrønland. Qorlortorsuaq er beliggende ca. 25 km. syd for Narsarsuaq og ca. 30 km sydøst for Qaqortoq (Julianehåb). For mit vedkommende omfattede forundersøgelserne landmåling til projektering af nye bygningsværker (dæmninger og tunneler), således at der kan ledes mere vand ned til reservoir-søen, hvorfra vandkraftværket genererer strøm. Derudover var jeg også med til at foretage seismiske undersøgelser til bestemmelse af fjeldets placering under jordoverfladen. Seismiske undersøgelser er ganske underho... read more

North America » Greenland » South Greenland » Qaqortoq November 21st 2012

Grenlandija - didziausia pasaulio sala, priklausanti Danijai. Vietiniu vadinama Kalaallit Nunaat. Isvertus is inuitu kalbos - "Zmoniu zeme".Kelioniu agenturose keliones i Grenlandija nenusipirksi, atostogauti saltuose krastuose ryztasi vienetai. Pirmiausia reikia nusigauti i Kopenhaga, o is ten i Danijai priklausancia Grenlandijos sala. Na bet as cia ne apie tai, man niekur skristi nereikejo, mane ten nunese laivas, kurie poilsiautojus retai kada nunesa, tai buvo eksperimentinis reisas, kuris pasiseke visai neblogai. Tankiausiai gyvenama Grenlandijos Pietvakarine dalis, nes cia silciausia. Vietiniai isikure nedideliuose mediniuose namukuose. Mediena atplukdoma is Danijos, nes Grenlandijoje medziai paprasciausiai neauga. Pragyvenimas Grenlandijoje labai brangus. Konservuoti ir dziovinti produktai kainuoja tiek pat, kiek ir Danijoje, o sviezi vaisiai ir da... read more

North America » Greenland » South Greenland August 11th 2011

While Iceland was definitely lacking the 'ice', Greenland did it's bit to make up for it. Within minutes of hitting the coastline we could see a sea of shattered icebergs and a land of snow and glaciers below us. 'Greenland' was named as a bit of a marketing ploy by the Norwegian born Viking, Eric the Red, hoping that the pleasant name would attract others to settle in this newly discovered country from his previous homeland, Iceland. Most of the country is uninhabitable for 'European style' settlement but the south-west coast - the area we travelled - in summer was green with enough good land for farming. Eric's ploy worked and the Vikings settled in Greenland for about 986 years but mysteriously disappeared in the 15th Century. There is a theory that a 'Little Ice Age' ... read more
The colourful town of Qassiarsuk
Icebergs ahead
Swirling cloud

North America » Greenland » South Greenland July 30th 2011

Saturday July 29th, 2011 North Atlantic- Denmark Strait down to Southern tip of Greenland Latitude 59 degrees 43 minutes’ north- Longitude 42 degrees 38 minutes’ west Thursday we left the western coast of Iceland and headed into what is known as the Denmark Strait. It is not really close to Denmark itself, but it does lie between the distant possessions of Denmark; which are Greenland and the now independent country of Iceland. This lonely stretch of ocean was the location of the famous WWII sea battle between the HMS Hood and the huge German warship the Bismarck. This resulted in the HMS Hood being sunk and it lies on the bottom almost right below where we cruised. We have spent the last several days altering our planned course to avoid storms. We cruised along the entire ... read more
Into the Arctic 001
Into the Arctic 012

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