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August 11th 2019
Published: August 14th 2019
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Today was an adventurous day. It started out with meeting a NASA scientist who measures the effect the ocean has on the glaciers. They were going out that day on an airplane to do measurements. He calls himself “Climate Elvis” and has a patch that says “OMG, Oceans Melting Greenland”. On the map I’ve included there are numbers 1 through 4. That is the route we took today. #1 is Nar... Read Full Entry

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Brattahlid LonghouseBrattahlid Longhouse
Brattahlid Longhouse

Note angles of sod.

14th August 2019

Great Stories
Thanks, Sue. This is very interesting. Makes we want to book a flight there today!
14th August 2019

So, the happiest country on Earth also imperializes! Sounds like it would be tough to be a vegetarian in Greenland. Not enough green! Given your trials (from later blog-I’m reading these in reverse order), isn’t it amazing to imagine the toughness of people living there and emigrating from more comfortable home countries? Not to mention never seeing a cactus or sipping a drink on a sandy beach during a Santa Ana.

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