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North America » Greenland » South Greenland » Qaqortoq August 27th 2019

August 27, 2019 – Qaqortoq, Greenland– Weather: 39°F/3°C @ 7:00 am, 48°F/9°C 2 noon, partly cloudy, wind 5.8 mph, humidity 55° Today’s port of call is Qaqortoq, Greenland situated on an island along Greenland’s southern coast. Originally, we were to have stopped here on the outward journey back on August 7thbut the itinerary changed and the stop was moved twenty days on to today. The name Qaqortoq, which means “white”, aptly describes the landscape that is dotted with outcroppings of white granite. Originally settled by the Vikings the current settlement was founded by Danish and Norwegian colonists in 1775. Today approximately 3,000 inhabitants call Qaqortoq home. Situated along the shores of a natural harbour the town stretches up from the shore and into the surrounding mountains. Colorful houses and other bui... read more
2_Smaller ship at pier
3_About half our size
4_Colorful town

North America » Greenland » South Greenland » Qaqortoq August 14th 2019

Today we had a pleasant day in Qaqortog. We had a leisurely morning and met at 10 a.m. Jan took us to the tannery where we had a tour. I have difficulty with this because it is a tannery for seal skins. I understand the subsistence aspect of it and that Inuit have been making sealskin clothing for eons, but I don’t like the fashion part of it. I remember years ago Greenpeace would try to block people from clubbing the young harbor seals. There was so much protest the sales of sealskin products decreased. This tannery sells their products to Greenland, Iceland, and Europe only. The sealskins are brought here (the only tannery in Greenland) by the hunters, and are processed here, taking 3-4 weeks before they are ready for sewing. The skins can come ... read more
Sealskin Diorama - painted on the sealskin
Sealskin Diorama - painted on the sealskin
Sealskin Diorama - painted on the sealskin

North America » Greenland » South Greenland » Qaqortoq August 13th 2019

Then wind was still whipping crazy with whitecaps and vapor coming off the bay. Jan had to make alternate plans for us to get to Qaqortoq. The original plan was for a boat to pick us up in Igaliku and transport us to Quqortoq, stopping to see a church ruin. But the wind dictated we weren't going to do that. Plan #2 is to go up & over the ridge by the same route we had walked previously and catch a boat there. The boat ride would take longer, but would be safer. After lots of discussion they decided to give us 6 and a German couple a ride to the other boat dock, and transport our luggage. We met the boat at about 1:45 p.m., and took a fun, bumpy ride to Qaqortoq, which took ... read more
Our boat for today's journey.

North America » Greenland » South Greenland » Qaqortoq July 26th 2018

Today we are blessed with a sunny and clear day in Qaqortoq (cchhah-ka-tocchh). The “Q” is a sound that is supposed to be produced at the back of your throat, not dissimilar to the clicking sound some cultures use in their speech; but, which is foreign to most Americans. I could see the sun filtering in our stateroom window as I worked on the blog. I was enjoying one of my two dark chocolate candies left by our cabin steward. Our steward has been most generous on this leg of our journey, and has left milk chocolate only once. You see, Sharon gets the milk chocolate candies; while, I get the dark chocolate ones. I’m fully expecting Sharon to leave the cabin steward a note, something to the extent, “Please, no more Dark Chocolate.” But she ... read more
Bar with Entertainment at night in Qaqortoq
Some of the colorful houses in Qaqortoq
Rotterdam docked in Qaqortoq

North America » Greenland » South Greenland » Qaqortoq November 21st 2012

Grenlandija - didziausia pasaulio sala, priklausanti Danijai. Vietiniu vadinama Kalaallit Nunaat. Isvertus is inuitu kalbos - "Zmoniu zeme".Kelioniu agenturose keliones i Grenlandija nenusipirksi, atostogauti saltuose krastuose ryztasi vienetai. Pirmiausia reikia nusigauti i Kopenhaga, o is ten i Danijai priklausancia Grenlandijos sala. Na bet as cia ne apie tai, man niekur skristi nereikejo, mane ten nunese laivas, kurie poilsiautojus retai kada nunesa, tai buvo eksperimentinis reisas, kuris pasiseke visai neblogai. Tankiausiai gyvenama Grenlandijos Pietvakarine dalis, nes cia silciausia. Vietiniai isikure nedideliuose mediniuose namukuose. Mediena atplukdoma is Danijos, nes Grenlandijoje medziai paprasciausiai neauga. Pragyvenimas Grenlandijoje labai brangus. Konservuoti ir dziovinti produktai kainuoja tiek pat, kiek ir Danijoje, o sviezi vaisiai ir da... read more

North America » Greenland » South Greenland » Qaqortoq October 4th 2009

Really enjoyed my day here. Qaqortoq’s population of 3500 is primarily Inuits with some Danes residing here. Judy, Diana and I walked around the small town. We spent quite a bit of time with an Inuit gentleman who makes jewelry from the rocks on the island. Saw lots of children out playing and went to a local grocery store. There were some unique items in the store, but much was the same that you see in the USA. Sat in front of a little café while some drank coffee. Started out to be a very cold day, but as the sun came out, it warmed a little bit. Nice day and nice people on the island. ... read more
Miche, Gary, Rick, Roxie
Diane's hat & Barb in the scarf

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