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North America » Greenland » East Greenland August 9th 2019

August 7, 2019 – Nanortalik, Greenland - Weather: 42.8°F/6°C, partly cloudy, wind 6.8 mph, humidity 88° We travelled down the south-west coast of Greenland overnight at a leisurely pace of 10 knots passing in and out of fog banks. This morning we arrived at Nanortalik, located on a small island near the mouth of the Tasermiut Fjord at the very southern tip of Greenland. The name of the town translates to the “place of polar bears” which we did not encounter other than those on the town’s official crest. The settlement of the area dates back to the early 18th century when a trading post was established to supply European fishermen and whalers along with the local Inuit. Today the area’s main industries are crab fishing, seal hunting, fishing, and gold mining along with a robust ... read more
2_Whale meat & blubber
3_Only Polar Bears we saw
4_Wooden Church

North America » Greenland » East Greenland June 27th 2017

Thinking of Greenland most people suppose there is only an ice sheet. Or melting ice at least. But Greenland is greener than that. Specially around Kangerlussuaq in West Greenland, just north of the polar circle. Linda, my son Robin and I made some beautiful hikes around this area this week. Kangerlussuaq Let's face it, Kangerlussuaq is ugly. No houses with Mediterranean colors embellished with pots of geraniums and hanging baskets with fuchsia's, no boutiques with the latest Gucci models, no cosy restaurants with candle light where you can eat your chateaubriands. On the contrary. The former US military basement is nothing more than a hotchpotch of iron utility buildings, containers and some wooden house blocks in bright blue and yellow. Pipes run throughout the settlement, coming from Lake Ferguson and supplying the settlement with water. Not ... read more
Alluvial quicksands near Kangerlussuaq
Fossil plain

North America » Greenland » East Greenland October 1st 2015

It was early winter when we returned to Greenland... Haunting reflections filled the freezing bays and fresh snow was all around. It really was a mystical trip, with mysterious light! The newly formed sea ice crunched and cracked beneath the rubber keel as the outboard chewed its way through the frozen fjord. Carnage from collapsed glaciers littered the surface, weird formations floated on the crunchy sea, and topsy-turvy icebergs hovered in silence. This was our monumental platform as we cruised in close proximity to massive chunks of ice in the giant fjords. Being this close to massive chunks of ice is incredible. It's a rush, it's exhilarating and exciting! I love being in the Zodiacs, cruising the fjords and dodging icebergs in the narrow channels. I love the thrill of going into unknown territory in a ... read more
The Calm before the Storm
Like a Mirror

North America » Greenland » East Greenland September 18th 2015

“Swans of weird shape pecked at our planks, a gondola steered by a giraffe ran foul of us, which amused a duck sitting on a crocodile’s head... All the strange, fantastic shapes rose and fell in stately cadence with a rustling, whispering sound and hollow echoes to the seas.” Frank Worsley, Captain of ‘Endurance’ - describing icebergs Anywhere in Greenland is 'out of the way', however, on this voyage we got to some very rarely visited places even more out of the way - even by Greenlandic standards! About a hundred and fifty miles from the open ocean, the mighty Daugard-Jensen Glacier spills stadium-sized icebergs into the vanishing depths of Nordvestfjord, a twisty finger of sea, that ends abruptly at Ingmikortilaq (the land that looks like an island). Getting to this part of Scoresby Sund is ... read more
Dryas on Ella Island
Arctic Willow

North America » Greenland » East Greenland » Kulusuk August 21st 2015

The day started with a quick taxi ride to the Reykjavik domestic terminal, which is located very close to the city centre. It was interesting that we departed from the Domestic Terminal although we were changing countries and having to present our passports however as I am on holiday it dosn't pay to think too much about "why" things are the way they are and just go with the flow. The flight was due to depart at 10:15am and we got away on time in a twin propeller aircraft - its been a while since I have been in one of them. The flight was around one hour and forty minutes and as we approached Greenland was when the excitement really started, as looking out the window of the aircraft there were already icebergs floating in ... read more
Taking off over Reykjavik city.
The first signs of icebergs from the aircraft
Then the ice bergs got bigger.

North America » Greenland » East Greenland October 5th 2014

Just a quick blurb! We left Akureyri, Iceland and headed back to Greenland by ship. Greenland is ice and Iceland is green? Greenland is the world’s largest island and is about 80% covered in ice (so it is actually white by default) but nevertheless it is still called Greenland. Quite an imaginative name! However, imagination was lacking when they named the national park in the northeast of Greenland… The Northeast Greenland National park which, unsurprisingly, is in the northeast of Greenland, is the world’s largest national park. It’s almost a million square kilometres, or about the size of Ontario or 5 United Kingdoms. Most of the park is covered by the giant ice-sheet that smothers the land, but the fjord systems along the shore, and the mighty coastal mountain ranges are free of ice and are ... read more
Drommebugten (Dream Bay)
Musk Ox

North America » Greenland » East Greenland September 23rd 2014

Pronouncing the Unpronounceable… “Give me this glorious ocean life, this salt-sea life, this briny, foamy life, when the sea neighs and snorts, and you breathe the very breath that the great whales respire! Let me roll around the globe, let me rock upon the sea, let me race and pant out my life with an eternal breeze astern and an endless sea before.” Herman Melville (1819-1891) Apparently, when you go to Greenland by ship, there are a couple of things you have to do! First you have to kiss a fish, which involves kissing a freshly caught arctic char whilst everyone chants ‘Kiss-the-fish-kiss-the-fish-kiss-the-fish.’ This, allegedly, brings the seafarer good fortune and fair weather! It seemed to work for us. Secondly, you have to wear something green because you are travelling in King Neptune’s water, and upsetting ... read more
2) Cape Brewster
3) The community of Ittoqqortoormiit
4) Ittoqqortoormiit

North America » Greenland » East Greenland » Tasiilaq August 29th 2013

On day 7 we woke up to a foggy cold morning, we could barely see the glacier in front of us, after breaking camp around 10am we started heading down to the glacier lake below our campsite, went around it and followed it until we are face to face with the glacier, it was beautiful, Kata has no plans of walking over it as we have no crampons so we tried to find a way to get around it, took awhile, scrambling on scree and big boulders, it was a tough 1st 2 hours, we took a break but it got colder so we hurried and started walking again, our aim is to get closer to the Qorlotoq lakes, there are several of them and are tagged with numbers, lake # 1, 3, etc. We walked ... read more
Day 11
Day 7
Day 7

North America » Greenland » East Greenland » Tiniteqilaq August 16th 2013

I felt a slight nudge on my right shoulder as I nap through the 2 hour flight from Reykjavik to Kulusuk, it was Tim, one of the French guys in our group of 7 who will be doing the Inuit trail for 12 days. He pointed the scenery outside the window, we are approaching Kulusuk and you can see huge icebergs floating out into the sea and some smaller ones closer to shore, the landing tarmac is gravel yet the landing was smooth, we are now in Greenland. The sun was shining, a bit chilly and the menacing mosquitoes annoy you. The airport is quite small, we waited outside for our luggages to be brought out by a fork lift, it parks on the side and people start to gather their belongings, a quad bike came ... read more
Sermilik Fjord
Day 5 campsite

North America » Greenland » East Greenland » Ammassalik August 15th 2011

for english scroll down Na onze opwarming langs de warme bronnen van Ijsland, stapten we in een veel te klein propellervliegtuigje richting de grootste witte vlek op het noordelijk halfrond: Groenland. Gedurende een kleine 3 weken, dompelen we ons in een avontuur in de onherbergzame, arctische wildernis van Oost-Groenland, net onder de poolcirkel, waar ijsberen regeren en breed lachende Inuit je het dorp uit jagen met niks meer dan goede moed en een ferm geladen geweer. Samen met onze long time friends, Dries en Ellen, vertrekken we voor een zelf georganiseerde expeditietocht langsheen de ongerepte, met gigantische ijsbergen gevulde, fjorden, over ruige passen en doorheen d... read more
Arctic Housing

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