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October 1st 2015
Published: October 14th 2015
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Reflections at FrederiksdalReflections at FrederiksdalReflections at Frederiksdal

Glass calm conditions
It was early winter when we returned to Greenland... Haunting reflections filled the freezing bays and fresh snow was all around. It really was a mystical trip, with mysterious light!

The newly formed sea ice crunched and cracked beneath the rubber keel as the outboard chewed its way through the frozen fjord. Carnage from collapsed glaciers littered the surface, weird formations floated on the crunchy sea, and topsy-turvy icebergs hovered in silence. This was our monumental platform as we cruised in close proximity to massive chunks of ice in the giant fjords.

Being this close to massive chunks of ice is incredible. It's a rush, it's exhilarating and exciting! I love being in the Zodiacs, cruising the fjords and dodging icebergs in the narrow channels. I love the thrill of going into unknown territory in a small rubber boat! I love bobbing up and down on a gentle sea with the cold air on my face, and I love the chance wildlife encounters.

This part of Greenland is truly magnificent and peaceful - we visited some amazing places and saw incredible scenes with remarkable lighting! However, after visiting the small community of Ittoqqortoormiit, a storm hit us - we had to head back across the Denmark Strait to Iceland on a bumpy North Atlantic.


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The Resting palceThe Resting palce
The Resting palce

We did not expect to see this.
M/V Ocean NovaM/V Ocean Nova
M/V Ocean Nova

Our home and exploration platform for six weeks.
Ice Carnage...Ice Carnage...
Ice Carnage...

From the mighty Daugaard-Jensen Glacier.
The ship's TrackThe ship's Track
The ship's Track

Breaking ice
Karl Ryder CairnKarl Ryder Cairn
Karl Ryder Cairn

At Hecla Havn on Danmark Island
Scoresby SundScoresby Sund
Scoresby Sund

And the locations where we landed

14th October 2015

Lots of ice.
Truley amazing as usual dave. Beautiful pictures. What an adventure.
14th October 2015

you are writing incredibly lyrical and your photos are works of art. I'm dying of longing for our onward journey. safe travel fellows!!!
14th October 2015
Big Ice

Ice is nice
Many staggeringly beautiful photos in this blog Dave. This one possibly the most ethereal.
14th October 2015
Zodiac in Nordvestfjord

Cutting through glass...light welcoming you...stunning
14th October 2015
Reflections at Frederiksdal

When they are exciting they make my spirits jump...this one maybe icy but it gives me a surge of warmth. Great shot.
17th October 2015

Another great adventure
You've had a nice long stay in Greenland and your photos are amazing.
7th March 2016

Great writing and amazing pictures
Really enjoyed reading this. Such vivid descriptions made me feel like I was there. I almost feel seasick!

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