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October 5th 2014
Published: October 10th 2014
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Just a quick blurb!

We left Akureyri, Iceland and headed back to Greenland by ship.

Greenland is ice and Iceland is green?

Greenland is the world’s largest island and is about 80% covered in ice (so it is actually white by default) but nevertheless it is still called Greenland. Quite an imaginative name! However, imagination was lacking when they named the national park in the northeast of Greenland…

The Northeast Greenland National park which, unsurprisingly, is in the northeast of Greenland, is the world’s largest national park. It’s almost a million square kilometres, or about the size of Ontario or 5 United Kingdoms. Most of the park is covered by the giant ice-sheet that smothers the land, but the fjord systems along the shore, and the mighty coastal mountain ranges are free of ice and are relatively accessible in comparison to the interior. The park is silent, empty and spectacular. We were the only ship around and the only people in the park – it was magical.

We were definitely witnessing the coming of winter! The fjords were freezing over before our eyes and the snow was falling. There was hardly a bird to be seen and the temperatures were dropping fast. But Greenland looked amazing in the low light... Really magical...

The trip involved us doing the usual mix silly things too - silly hats and silly costumes, etc... Tons of fun.



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Antarctics SundAntarctics Sund
Antarctics Sund

It really is called this! Even though it's in the Arctic!

Lake up in the mountains

10th October 2014
Eric the Red

Looks a Lot....
like Auyuittuq National Park on Baffin Island....Great photos...except for that one of the guy with the purple hair (grin)
10th October 2014
Eric the Red

Purple hair
Purple is my natural colour!
13th October 2014
Eric the Red

you may
want to cut back on your borscht intake and see if that helps

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