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September 8th 2009
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Hello! For those of you who are curious as to what I will be doing in Ecuador, here is the backbone plan for my journey. October 2nd 2009 is arrival day in Quito, Ecuador's mountainous capital city with a population of 1 400 000. Orientation will begin at the volunteer house located in the quiet residential town of La Mariscal, which is a popular area among backpackers. Comparable to home, I will be sharing accomodations throughout the month of October with a family of volunteers and staff. This time will be spent learning the native language (Spanish) as well as participating in other preparatory activities before we begin our placements.

The month of November will bring about a change of weather as well as a change of lifestyle. My family of volunteers will all go their separate ways to begin the second phase of our time here in Ecuador. I fly to the Galapagos Islands, which are located 1000km off the west coast of Ecuador's mainland. These islands are a National Park which formed in the Pacific from a sub-oceanic lava vent in the ocean floor (same process which created the Hawaiian Islands). My homestay accomodation will be with a local family, and my placement at Hospital Oscar Jand will begin soon after.

My time on the Galapagos Islands will end with a huge celebration - but not because of my departure! Christmas is celebrated for weeks and Ecuadorians everywhere head to the beach for an assortment of festivals . The third phase of my time in Ecuador is undetermined. The return date on my airline ticket is January 1st 2010 but I hear these things can be changed? 😊


8th September 2009

im going to miss you...wiener...also..its not to hard to change a plane ticket...in canada i dont know about intnational flights tho
11th September 2009

Have fun Nora!
Hey Nora. Man, it sounds like your going to have an awesome time. Honestly, when I heard you were going to volunteer, it made me want to do the same. Even though I didn't yet, I am proud of you for taking on such an awesome adventure. Have fun and hope all goes well. -Dave
11th September 2009

AHHH, Nora, this is cool!!, am i the first??? i had better be! anyways, im gonna share the Spanish ive learned with you! i dont know if you care, but its all i got. holla = hello gracias= thank you denada= no problem (your welcome) servasa= beer pour favour= please senior= sir seniorita= woman soooo, if you want a beer from a guy bartender, you would say, uno servasa pour favour. and they would say here you go(dont know what that is) you would say gracias, and they would say denada!!!! woooooooooooooooo i hope this comes in handy, you would think i would know how to talk to someone about finding the way back to where your staying, or wheres the neerest hospital, but i learn from experience, so thats all that ive really learned! HOPE ITS MAGICAL!!!!!
16th September 2009

Miss You
Hi Nora, You have not even left yet and we already miss you! we wanted to be the first family members to leave a message! Anyways, we wish you a very safe and exciting stay in Ecuador. Keep us updated as much as you can! Love you!
19th September 2009

Mr. Magical
MICHAEL..... you are a pro-star!!!!!.........denada...
24th September 2009

NORA! this sounds soo amazing! i was planning on going to equador with free the children! but my plans all changed and now im moving to alberta, long story! anyway, you sound so prepared and you're going to have the best time ever. hopefully you move people to want to do it aswell. .. its such an extremely adventurous thing to do! so happy for you !!! xoxo marah
4th October 2009

I miss you already Nora, hope everything is going good. I'll keep checking your blog. I'm really proud of you lol. xox.
6th October 2009

Hi Nora, by the way the leafs are 0 and 2. That means no wins in 2 games. They play Ottawa on Tuesday night so they will be 3 and 0. Take care of yourself and enjoy your time away. Paula had a problem sending this to me so big sister Janel had to help. Hope your flight was fine with no jet lag. Blog what the hell is a blog. I will follow your blog. Stay safe and all the best. Love all in Peterborough.
27th November 2009

The Combermere Tourist
Hope all is fine Nora. I am sure the time is just flying by and soon you will be home. Enjoy the rest of your trip and be safe. lol all in Peterborough. By the way the leafs are in second last place.

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