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August 18th 2009
Published: August 18th 2009
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Canada - Our New Home! We arrived on July 18th after a relatively easy flight, although it was supposed to stop in Nova Scotia, but due to bad weather the plane skipped Nova Scotia and instead went straight to Toronto. This meant we got in about 2 hours early, whoo hoo! We went to customs where Pen had to fill out a bunch of paperwork, then got stamped as an immigrant…whoo hoo! We declared t... Read Full Entry

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Andre, Pen and Elvira in front of Notre Dame, thanks A&E it was great to get a guided tour!
Look familiar?Look familiar?
Look familiar?

Across from Notre Dame, is a building with a bit of street cred. If the building on the right looks somewhat familiar that may be because the architect was the same fellow that designed the empire state building!
Ma Famille!Ma Famille!
Ma Famille!

Me, mom, teta Fanny, Pen, Dad hiding in the back, and uncle Johny in the front.
The BeastThe Beast
The Beast

Me and Pen's 2002 Ford Explorer. Home for the next few weeks as we wander across Canada. We're going to have to do an awful lot of walking to offset our CO2 emissions!
Whole lotta bruisin going onWhole lotta bruisin going on
Whole lotta bruisin going on

Which leg do you think has a ripped calf muscle?
Just keep swimmingJust keep swimming
Just keep swimming

This is Jacob, my mates Stu and Tray's boy. He's a big fan of finding Nemo, and I reckon Dorry's just keep swimming song musta been going through his head here as he tried to swim without his lifejacket.

I don't know if that lifejacket is going to help if you fall off that rock Cadence.

What kind of pillick wears sunglasses underwater?

After a day of playing with Jacob and Cadence, it was time to chill with the fish.
Home AloneHome Alone
Home Alone

Mom and Penny went to the movies with my Cousin's Vicky and Adrienne, so me and dad were home alone when the power went out. Scrabble by candlelight...ahh the memories.

I was pretty horrible at the badminton at cousin Tony's last night, but I'll blame it on the light.
Hail CeasarHail Ceasar
Hail Ceasar

Ceasar, Tony and Vicky's cat is creeping up on Curtis and mom, that's Vicky in the background hiding behind the tent!

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