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October 31st 2019
Published: October 31st 2019
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Today is a Sea Day meaning we are on the ship all day as it cruises us to our next destination in Canada. It was in the mid to high 50s and sunny all day. Beautiful.

I will share some “Ship Characters” with ya’ll today....

Remember Mr and Mrs Tennessee… she knew everything and he spent $96 in the bar one night? Well, they are celebrating their 50 year anniversary on this cruise. I saw him sitting in the pub again yesterday. They were chosen for the “Love & Marriage Show” onboard and let’s just say they are old superfreaks.

Next, we have Mister Helper Man who is here with his wife and her family. He is a very energetic and funny man who has a sincerely nice wife and a gawd awful mother-in-law. He doesn’t know how much the cruise cost because his in-laws paid for everything so he’s the family helper (we’ve seen them in town, on the ship, etc) but he also sneaks away and smokes from time to time. Apparently, his wife doesn’t know he smokes or else he is supposed to be quitting this cruise so he didn’t bring any cigarettes. Well, in his own words, he was plastered to the smoke shop begging for them to let him in to buy cigarettes on day one. LOL He is a hoot.

Up next we have Donnie the “I own everything” man who says he owns 7 boats which might be believable since he and his wife live in Chesapeake Bay…. but then a few minutes later… he also owns 7 RVs. He says they are retiring in 1.5 yrs to which his wife replies… no… it is 4.5 yrs. I don’t believe a word he says…ever. I’m not sure his wife does either.

Lastly, Kamie met an elderly man he finds interesting… a gentleman who is slowly telling Kamie his life story of how he was rich three times and lost it all, three times. Kamie is intrigued.

This is basically a senior citizens cruise. Kamie told some guy it was his 46th Birthday and the man replied that he would give his left nut to be 46 years old again. There are several young people sprinkled in here or there. We have met many interesting characters and heard lots of stories.

What did we do on our sea day? We slept-in ...and then I began walking every floor of the boat. I got floors 2, 3, 4, & 5 finished. I had a cupcake decorating class at 11:30am. I sat with about 20 other people and we built a cheeseburger and fries out of two vanilla cupcakes, one chocolate cupcake, and 2 bags of icing. It was a lot of fun and my table of people were fun too. Kamie & I played Bingo. I walked through all the shops and bought a scarf. I took a small nap while watching the ocean. We went to the dining room for dinner tonight because it was lobster night and Kamie wanted two lobster tails. Our dinner lasted nearly two hours and we didn’t even stay for dessert. Entirely too long in my opinion. And for the record, the food is just “okay” on board. Yes, there are lots of options and places to eat and the food is free and available 24/7 but there isn’t really anything that is amazing or delicious. The only thing I can think of is the one area where these guys do nothing all day but make warm cookies – oatmeal, chocolate
Cupcake Class Beginnings...Cupcake Class Beginnings...Cupcake Class Beginnings...

You start with 2 cupcakes, 2 bags of icing, a few basic utensils
chip, sugar, or peanut butter – they are constantly laying out new sheets of warm cookies. This area is very popular and the cookies I’ve had from here are good because they are warm. We see the old ladies leaving with piles of cookies on saucers. Nothing else is amazing or something you can’t make at home or get at home. Frankly, my mom’s desserts are a thousand times better than anything I’ve tasted on this ship. Clearly, my waist size shows I’m a good cook these days (eeeks) so none of the food is something to brag about or get excited about. Luckily, we don’t cruise for the food. Also, you know how some people need coffee every morning? I need unsweet iced tea to feel alive. It has been a struggle some days to get iced tea on this ship. There were a couple of days they had no tea available. We will not be home until Sunday and frankly, I’m ready for unsweet iced tea… real scrambled eggs I make myself… and real Jimmy Dean sausage patties I cook myself… not these runny/strange eggs they serve here with these little round sausages that don’t look cooked. Anyway, I’m almost ready for home. I’d like to take a staycation next year – stay at home for a week and do all the things I need to get done inside and outside – or at least some of them. We’ll see.

For now, I took some pictures around the ship today so enjoy.. and by the way, I know mom and dad are reading this blog but not a single comment from anyone? ☹ I swear I’m writing to ghosts.

O!!! I just stayed-up until after 1:20am (our time) to watch the Washington Nationals win the World Series!! Yesssssss!!!! 😊 I'm not a fan of the Nationals but I am a fan of non-cheating teams and teams that do not employee domestic violence abusers so screw the Astros and Osuna!

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Izumi sushi restaurantIzumi sushi restaurant
Izumi sushi restaurant

They also offer sushi-making classes which some people told us were great - but neither of us like sushi

31st October 2019

I love your blog! Bar Harbor, Maine looks beautiful in the pics! I'm wanting to say I've seen that Bar Harbor Inn on a sitcom like Seinfeld or Cheers. Your pics make me want to travel there. I promise you're not writing to ghosts. I've read all of your posts and I'm sharing them at work. Looks like you're having a great time. Have a safe journey home. Work hasn't been the same without you!
31st October 2019

Awwww Thanks Jennifer
Yay! People are alive and well!! Thanks for the nice comment Jennifer!! I'm not as funny this trip because... well... I don't know why. I don't miss work but I miss you and most of the rest of the gang!! Take Debbie Woods a cat bell and work will feel like I'm there! ;-) HA
31st October 2019

i will try again but my replyes are not going thrugh
I would spend all my time in the gambleing place your mom is goma love you
1st November 2019

You & Mona
You & Mona would spend all your time gambling!! Ha
31st October 2019

I would probably spend most of my time sleeping,looks like the lady in the wine bar drank too much or found a quite place to sleep.LOL
1st November 2019

There are people literally sleeping all over this ship. They find the sun or a lounger or a quiet place and just start snoozing. It's kinda neat.
1st November 2019

I’m reading!
😂 I’m reading every day! Haha! Living Vicariously through you!
1st November 2019

I feel better now ( I think) knowing someone is out there reading! :)

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