Cruising the Inside Passage

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September 29th 2018
Published: September 29th 2018
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Cruising the Inside Passage

Friday, September 28

The gentle rocking and rumbling of the ship made for a fairly peaceful nights sleep. We woke up to a foggy morning at sea. The ship was sailing into the wind (good thing) but the waves were breaking at about six (6) feet. The ship was rocking front to back. Sea legs don't fail me now!

We spent a quiet morning getting ourselves ready to take on the day. The great thing about days at hurry to go or do anything. Relaxing is the name of the game. So, we did. We finally got ourselves out of the room. Went up to the Terrace for a bit of breakfast. The place is packed. No tables available since the terrace deck is too cold and windy for anyone to sit outside and eat. So, we waited for a table. One opened up quickly and I beat out 3 other couples to grab it. One has to have quick reflexes! Breakfast was scrambled eggs, sausage and a bran muffin, simple and I didn't over do it. Down to 5 for a double espresso at Baristas, and we are ready! Today we have a full day planned. Christopher is going to read. I'm taking a day off from ALL devices and go to the gym for a full workout and a steam.

Christopher sought out his location to rea; he started on a chaise on deck 9 but quickly opted to move into the library where it was a little warmer and less windy. I got dressed in my gym clothes and stumbled off to the gym. The boat was still rocking to and fro. The gym is located on deck 9 front - high and front...NOT the best location for someone with a touch of vertigo. I sat down at the first machine - sitting backwards....again, not ideal for me - but I did it. I managed to do multiple sets on each machine (yay) before I gave up due to increased dizziness. There was no chance of getting on an elliptical machine going up and down while the ship was so unstable? NO WAY! I called it after an hour of exercise and lifting- felt good about that. Took a steam. Big Mistake. I lasted for about 3 minutes, gave up took a shower and found Christopher back in the room. The ship was really moving - even though the swells were cresting at six feel, it felt much worse. I was actually feeling a little motion sickness...usually I'm fine on a ship. I don't think my working out while at sea was such a wise idea. Live and learn.

We decided to eat a light lunch at the terrace. Again...had to jump to grab a table, but we got it. I had 2 pieces of braised beef rib in mole and a tablespoon of rice. Hopeful that eating a little something might curb the nausea, I made myself take a few bites. It helped. I truly helped.

We went back to the room. I took a 90 minute nap. Christopher read. Our plan was to meet the gang at tea in Horizons. We headed up to deck 10 front and scoped out a place large enough to accomodate us. Done. First to join us was Stephen, then Lee & Perry. After a bit, Jeremy joined us after having participated in the blackjack tournament in the casino. We all managed to squeeze onto the sofa and chairs around our tiny table. There were 6 teapots, multiple plates and not one square inch of unused space. When the cart arrived...PANDAMONIUM. You'd have thought we hadn't eaten for weeks as opposed to a few hours. The scones were perfect, the clotted cream to die for, even the savory bites were wonderful. But...the star of the show was a coffee flavored merangue sandwich (think macaron) filled with about an inch worth of coffee buttercream. SO. GOOD! I couldn't have had more than one even if I rich. I was getting a little warm in my sweater under these "cosy" circumstances, sure the tea didn't hurt either! We ended up with 7 teapots on the table once Paula joined us. This was Jeremy's very first "Cream Tea". Must say, he did quite well for a virgin. He was a kid in a candy store.

We decided to leave tea early, change and meet everyone in Martini's for an adult beverage. We wouldn't go to the Captain's event, but wanted to be in Martini's when the free bites and drinks became available. We're not dumb!! Um...more food.

We ordered our respective martinis, the salty snacks arrived, the rest of the gang arrived. Eventually all eight of us were seated around the table in Martini's. Jeremy went off to the lounge to meet the Captain. The free drinks arrived with the appetizer bites. Don't we have dinner plans in Toscana in less than an hour?? That would be yes!

OK. Dinner.We were in Toscana from 7:30 until after 10 pm. We were not the last to leave,but darn close. Dinner was most excellent. Naturally, Christopher and I, along with a few others ordered the Artichoke timbale OMFG.So.Good. Wine list was handed over to me: I ordered a Nebbiolo to start, then a Sangiovese to pair with our main meal. So, the appetiser paired well with the nebbiolo. Next up...pasta course. Christopher and I shared the ravioli....SO. GOOD. Our mains: Veal chop grilled for me, Maiale for Christopher. The Sangiovese with its softer tannins paired perfectly. Dessert....some did, others did not. Chris & I split a panacotta with wild cherry sauce. I wish we could eat at Toscana every night.

We both overdid it! It was going to be a difficult night. Eating so much so late.....most unpleasant for us both. Fell into bed and off to sleep with our bellies QUITE full.


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