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June 26th 2012
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Omg where to begin? What an awesome riding day! Way super longer than we originally planned. We finally just got ourselves a room in Watson Lake Yukon. I did have our accommodation booked and while we were already on the road the place called to tell me they were under renovations and would not have a room ready for us. So we decided to just wing it and try to get a little farther. We wanted to try and hit the hot springs this time in Liard River. So we assumed we could also get a place to stay there toNNo such luck. We just continued to press on. Such a huge rush today was..

We started our day off with having to pack up and head out in the rain. We ended up on the bikes for 14 hours today! About 75 miles of straight rain You would think our mileage might be higher? 562.2 miles today. All kinds of riding, all kinds of sights! Some road construction, some crazy loose gravel in places, atleast 50 or so kms in about 3 spots, roads were pretty amazing though. Beautiful, so enjoyable.

I saw 12 bears today total, sadly 1 of them was dead on the side of the road. The other 8 were seen alone, and then 1 mama grizzly bear with her 2cubs. This time I stopped to grab a couple pics cause I had my camera around my neck. I put it on a little further back once we started to see fields of buffalo grazing and laying and also crossing the highway in front of us. Big horn sheep, did not spot any deer other than the few dead ones on the roadway.

I do not care for the metal grated bridges they use in BC. We had a few.

Met up with a guy at a gas station on his bike. He had his little dog traveling with him. Such a cute happy dog. Made me miss the 2 at home.

I know I am jumping around with my writing. I am really tired and we do not have the most desirable accommodations. We could not get dinner cause everything just closed.

We met a lady from Palmer AK who was just on her way back from Florida. We saw her early in the day and then ended up seeing her a few more times. We met an Aussie who flew in to Florida bought a triumph drove to Houston and built a trailer for his bike and he's on his 20 000 miles. Going to with 6000 more to go.

I had to borrow Bruce's phone cause for some reason I could not get on this wifi. So I can't load any of the pics frommy phone. I will have to add some tomorrow.

Great day in all, we are already quite close to the place we have booked to stay tomorrow. We both got our headlights cracked, Bruce's near shattered all due to those gravel patches and some big trucks spraying them all over us. Do we dare clean our bikes so we can see any other damages? They are pretty filthy, so who knows? We are told to expect more of the loose gravel to come. In the morning we will go and check out the signpost forest.

I need to wash up and have a snack.


28th June 2012

Wow April.....it all sounds so cool and so remote. Did you ever see the movie \'Into the Wild\'? It kind of reminds me of it...all the bears and the wildlife and the adventure. Can\'t wait to see some pics! You\'re not missing anything here...I started out riding my bike to work this morning but the pathway was closed cause of high river flow so turned around and came home and drove to work....lazy!!! Keep on trucking\' girl...... I\'m enjoying the ride! Take care......miss you at work.....lucy

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