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May 31st 2016
Published: June 1st 2016
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Today, we went to some very cool places, as in a museum, a dam and a historical boat. We started out today with me waking up late, but we still got going on time. First, we stopped at Miles Canyon in Whitehorse for a walk to find a cache. It was a bit scary because (1) it was very steep and usually either went right off the trail and into the water off a cliff, or a short woodland area separated from the cliff and river, and 2, a sign said the river had a very strong undertow and current.

Then we found some caches, and then went to Beringia Interpretive Centre, an ice age museum on the ancient animals of Beringia. When you walk in there is a giant woolly mammoth skeleton along with a Beringian lion skeleton and a giant sloth skeleton and a giant short-faced bear skeleton. That's a lot of skeletons! We watched a film and went through the small museum. The theatre film was the most informative thing about Beringia.

After that we did a little caching and then we ate lunch. Afterwards, we went to a brewery and took a tour, learned how
A Walk Through the WoodsA Walk Through the WoodsA Walk Through the Woods

It was a beautiful morning to be hiking in the woods, especially with views of the canyon.
beer was made, watched a bottle cleaning machine get jammed (not on purpose), almost got run over many times by carts of beer, and finally they gave Mom or Dad beer samples. I had a little taste of everything except for the vodka, with 20-23% alcohol content.

Then we didn't do any specifically important. We went to a dam to see fish that weren't there and went to a boat (the SS Klondike) that was not very impressive. ~~~ Mom's note: While we were on the ship, he seemed to like it just fine. We explored the freight deck, saw the wheel, looked at the crew cabins (that even had skylights) and compared the first class and second class dining areas. ~~~ We played hide and go seek tag and acorn war, and then I wrote this blog.

~~~ He failed to mention one of the better parts of the day, dinner at Klondike Rib & Salmon. We ate there the last time we were in Whitehorse, but I had read online it was closed. It wasn't! The three of us shared fish and chips, salmon skewers and ribs, as well as roasted veggies that were to die for. It was so yummy! I'm so glad it was still open. ~~~

Additional photos below
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Saiga AntelopeSaiga Antelope
Saiga Antelope

These are strange-looking creatures that still live in Asia. Their giant noses warmed incoming air and held back humidity from exhaled air. They are considered critically endangered.
Giant Short-Faced BearGiant Short-Faced Bear
Giant Short-Faced Bear

This would have been one scary beast, but is thought to have been mostly a scavenger.
Only at Tim Horton's . . . Only at Tim Horton's . . .
Only at Tim Horton's . . .

. . . do you get donuts as your side and be served on china.
Yukon Brewery TourYukon Brewery Tour
Yukon Brewery Tour

Katelynn was our guide and did a very nice job. This was in the tasting room after the tour.
Bicycle Wheel Rim DomeBicycle Wheel Rim Dome
Bicycle Wheel Rim Dome

This piece of art was built in the artist's front yard. Phillipe LeBlond used to own a bike shop.

There was a specific name for this deck where all the freight was stored. Unfortunately, I don't remember what it was. The boys were interested to see they had fruit, potatoes, gin, beer and other things.
View Through the GalleyView Through the Galley
View Through the Galley

This area was off limits, but we could see through the galley to the dining room, which looked pretty fancy. The second-class citizens and workers had to eat in a much less fancy space.

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