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May 10th 2016
Published: May 10th 2016
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Almost to BC

See the cub running away?See the cub running away?See the cub running away?

The cub ignores all the car zooming by but as soon as I slow down, he's gone.
Day: 23/24

Distance: 8224

Well yesterday was dedicated a driving day. I had already been on this stretch of the highway so the goal was to get as close to BC as feasible. I got to Watson Lake which was my original destination at around 10:30PM (it was a long day though I did lose an hour leaving Alaska).

I'm not sure why I said that this streach was just full of trees and implied it was rather boring because I was mistaken. I must have been talking about leaving Dawson Creek going west on the Alaskan Highway (also referred as Alcan Highway) when I wrote that opinion. In fact, the drive was very beautiful with large lakes, majestic mountains and lots of lots of rain. I'm also not sure how I forgot that portions of the highway was unpaved and damaged because it DEFINTELY had bad spots. A few places were kinda hairy and I had to immediately slam on my brakes before I killed ole Blue. Like 110 km/hr to 30 km/hr in an instant.

I did have a few animal sightings which was cool: a grizzly cub, a black wolf, a porcupine, some elk,
Some city next to some river on the Alcan HighwaySome city next to some river on the Alcan HighwaySome city next to some river on the Alcan Highway

My other camera has the GPS location service.
solo moose and a fox. I got pictures of some of the animals but I really wanted one of the wolf but he was so damn fast. I spotted him, he looked at me and then he was gone.

The entire trip it was raining and thinking about setting up camp in the cold rain was unpleasant. So my strategy was to try and get ahead of the weather front and find and setup camp. The strategy worked. 😊 As I said, I got to Watson Lake late in the evening. I found a campsite and quickly stood up the camp. Just in time. As soon as I got everything ready and got into the tent it started to rain. My plan had one flaw: the morning.

It was great falling asleep to the patter of rain hitting the tent and the wind blowing through the woods while I was all snug and comfy in my sleeping bag. It rained through the night. It was raining in the morning. So I decided to wait and see if it slowed/stopped. It didn't. Ugh. Finally, Mother Nature forced me to break camp. It was pouring. I can tell you with
A porcupineA porcupineA porcupine

He also took off as soon as I slowed down. Grumble grumble. I guess if you are a big ole Grizzly you don't worry about cars. Anything smaller and...
a certainty that no matter how good your rain gear is, it doesn't help when you are bent over rolling up sleeping bags, pads, etc. I got wet in places that are best left dry. I put everything in the car nice and soggy. I'm really hoping that my next camp will be dry so that I can air things out. Otherwise tonight is going to be miserable.

The camp had a laundry and shower. Great. Laundry is closed. Oh well. The shower is open. Great. So I get ready for my shower, grab my stake of loonies (Canadian dollar - has a head of a Loon) and headed to the shower. I get everything all arranged perfectly in the stall, strip and step into the shower. Drop a loonie and twist the knob. Nothing. YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDING ME. They told me the showers work. Arg. So I move everything to another stall, step into the shower and drop a loonie and twist the knob. Nothing. Sigh. So I wrapped myself in a towel and headed to the office. The chef said that he'll get the owner to look at it when she gets up at 10AM. Huh? Sigh. At least he refunded me my two wasted loonies. So I trudged back over to the shower threw on clean clothes and resigned myself to another day with no shower. It looks like I won't see Patty's sister till Thursday so I have another day to get a shower (I need one... I think. Not so sure anymore.)

Footnote: To be completely fair to the campground, I was shown later that I was doing it wrong. I think they need better printed instructions but that is neither here nor there. I am still part of the unwashed masses.

Today, I'm heading down SR 37 towards the Pacific Northwest. I'm looking forward to this segment of the drive. Kim and I spent some time at Whistler and the surrounding area as well as great vacation in the Puget Sound area.

An interesting side note but please free to skip as this is not really related to my trip. I was talking with the proprietoress regarding a law that is finally being inacted in Canada by their new government. A law that was passed in 2013 levied a tax on all RV/Campgroud/Storage Rental that brings their effective tax rate well over 50%!. The previous government had pretty much ignored the law but the new one is making a tax grab and is made the new tax effective a few weeks ago. Additionally, the tax is being enforced retroactively to 2013! The filling requirements are now also different in that the business can no longer file as a small business but must file as a special class due to the nature of the business "renting" the land from the government. Failure to do so results in a $100k fine per year. Essentially it is wiping out the RV park industry. So the new government is killing the golden goose because with the loss of RV/Campground parks (and the attendant tax base) it will also loose the related tourism dollars as vactioners will have no wear to go. This actually parallels with my observations of for sale signs everywhere as well as few people asking if I was (or someone I knew) interested in purchasing an RV park.


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