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North America » Canada » Yukon » Beaver Creek City May 25th 2017

Awoke to a rather chilly morning in Teslin, Yukon. Skies are clear, however, and no rain is in the forcast, so that's all good. There was only a wifi hotspot on the porch of the general store, so I went up this morning with my coffee, and published yesterday's blog. Sometimes it's a real hassle getting these things out, especially if it's been a long day and internet is not available at the site. Leaving Teslin, we motored up the east side of Teslin Lake, which is quite the sight. It straddles the BC-YT border, and is 86 miles long, over 2 miles across and averages 194 ft deep. Heading north and west, we passed through Johnson's Crossing and Jake's corner on the way to Whitehorse. Jake's corner is the turnoff we took two years ago ... read more
Home for the night
Teslin Lake
Teslin Lake

North America » Canada » Yukon » Beaver Creek City May 9th 2016

Day: 22/23 Distance: 7725 miles Hi guys, I'm in Beaver Creek @ 1202 Motor Inn (shout out! They kindly gave me Internet access as well as a great breakfast) just in the inside border of Canada on PR 1 a.k.a. the Alaskan Highway. Yesterday after I left Anchorage, I took Glenn Highway (SR 1) towards Tok. I decided, after the last couple of days of minimal highway driving, that I would make yesterday and today, driving days. I'm trying to get to the Puget Sound area on Wednesday to meet up with Patty's sister and family. (Patty - if you'd be so kind and give me her address, that would be super duper helpful). At this point it might be Thursday. I'll know better tomorrow. The drive was beautiful and it was cool seeing the Alaskan ... read more
Frozen Slana River
Frozen Slana River
Camp off of the Alaskan Highway

North America » Canada » Yukon » Beaver Creek City May 30th 2015

Distance driven: 320 miles / 515 km Today’s trip: Fairbanks, Alaska to Beaver Creek, Yukon, Canada Border crossings: 1 Brown bears spotted by the road: 1 Schools with Kindle e-readers visited: 1 Everything has gone really smooth, and trip is off to a great start. By the time I arrived at Fairbanks late Thursday evening and got to my hotel, the time was well past midnight. I guess that I had forgotten exactly how far north on the map Alaska and Fairbanks really are. Being this close to the Arctic Circle also means that the summer never sets; rather the sun just moves laterally along the horizon throughout all night and refuses stubbornly to ever set. It’s been a long first day for sure. First things in the morning, I picked up the bike from the ... read more
Unpacking the bike
Wendy with her e-readrs
Day 1 Fairbanks to Beaver Creek

North America » Canada » Yukon » Beaver Creek City July 31st 2013

Last night the rain began, but thank goodness it let up long enough for us to break camp and hit the road. We hit rain on and off all day, plus we encountered some of the worst perma frost dips (also known as frost heaves) we have seen yet. It's amazing the damage that comes from the ground slightly thawing under an asphalt highway. We successfully made it back into Canada and once we crossed the border the road proceeded to get even worse. It took us almost 7 hours to go just under 200 miles. We are in a small town just over the border which has only water and electric hook ups. No Wi-Fi or cable TV. Instead of sleeping the evening away, we had movie night. Police Academy 1 was the movie and ... read more
Let the rain begin
Rainbow 1
Rainbow 2

North America » Canada » Yukon » Beaver Creek City August 5th 2011

We left a very rainy Anchorage after saying our goodbyes on Friday morning. Of course this was after we had discovered that our movers (and admittedly, us) forgot to pack a very large closet full of books, so we had to scurry to take care of that problem with no small amount of help from Andy Tucker and Jen's boss, John Kagerer! After that auspicious beginnning, we had smooth 'sailing', making great time with a stop at Matanuska Glacier, Glenallen for lunch, and Tok. Then we crossed into Canada, and crashed for the evening at Westmark in Beaver Creek, Yukon. The rooms were pricey, but the delicious salmon chowder and a tasty beverage made the difference! ... read more
Aug. 5th - Aug. 6
Aug. 5th - Aug. 6
Aug. 5th - Aug. 6

North America » Canada » Yukon » Beaver Creek City August 3rd 2011

There's an old Eskimo legend that when the fireweed begins to bloom at the top, winter will be soon behind. Not wanting to experience any part of winter in Alaska, even the beginning, I guess it's time to head home. We are not even slightly prepared for any of the triple-digit temperatures in Texas, but perhaps they will be gone by the time we arrive. After leaving Grand View, we drove another 79 miles on the Glenn Highway before getting back onto roads we've traveled before. The Glenn Highway was a very pretty drive and good road all the way. We were told last night that the Glenn Highway has never been closed due to weather. Interesting to think about. At Gulkana, we turned north to head towards Tok Junction, the last town in Alaska before ... read more
Bear footprint
Black bear greets us
White River RV Park

North America » Canada » Yukon » Beaver Creek City June 17th 2011

Today we crossed over the US/Canada border. We were able to stand in 2 countries at the same time by standing at the centre marker next to customs. All the other guests on our tour were either American or Canadian and they were able to stay on the bus and cross over no problem. We, however, being aussies were required to exit the bus and go into the customs office where they could verify who we were. We arrived at Beaver Creek.....hmmmm, what can I say about Beaver Creek – not much really, home to just 70 residents all of whom, I’m sure, work at the hotel we stayed at. It was pouring rain most of the day but when we arrived at the hotel it really started to bucket down and there was lots of ... read more

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