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June 18th 2014
Published: June 18th 2014
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As I tell friends and family the stories of our travels, I find myself feeling ever more, the wonderment of how truly lucky, blessed, spoiled I have been. When you start with plans, wishes and dreams, but haven't embarked on the reality, you think the journey is really cool. When you experience the journey and every element has been filled with joy, beauty, kindness of new found friends, excitement and wonder, then you give thanks that life is so generous. I will be stumbling on memories for the rest of my life that bring me close again to my son, that make me pause to catch my breath in that overwhelming moment of awe, that help me recognize how truly lucky we are. In wandering the world (not just seeing it on a screen or hearing it on the radio waves) I found that good people with kindness, hope, selfless interest in others, and welcoming smiles far outweighed those feeling burdened by life. I found much more that was beautiful then I could ever find that was ugly. This world we live in, is magical, and I a truly grateful I have had the ability to taste of its wonders.
Thank you to those of you I have met on the journey. You welcomed us, you shared your lives with us, you helped us to laugh and grow and learn. We will not forget.
Thank you to those of you who stayed at home. Home is a warm beacon, that never failed us. We knew we were loved, and felt the excitement that you had for our adventure. It is always easier to walk into the unknown, experience the differences of the other side of the world, when we are assured that home waits for us with the open arms of all our loved ones.
Good Night and Sweet Dreams


19th June 2014

And thank you for sharing your journey...
with us, you B family. You've had an amazing time.

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