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December 6th 2019
Published: December 6th 2019
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We have been out and about today so I'm writing my blog for today early. It's basically dark now so we'll go back out in a minute. It is completely dark by 4:30pm here every day. The lights start coming-on outside around 3:00pm. I was up semi-early today and took a shower and was ready long before Kamie was at 11am. That seems to be our "get out and about" time on this getaway. Good for us. We need the rest. First off today, we checked on the Toboggin ride they have outside our hotel. It was not open and running today. We would have froze to death anyway. It was 6 below freezing out this morning. We took the Funicular - which is a moving elevator - down the hill to the shops of Old Quebec. We walked around and window shopped, did a tiny bit of inside shopping, had lunch inside a warm café/chocolate shop, and even saw Santa. It was sunny for a bit today and by the time we came in to warm-up, it was cloudy and slowly snowing. We are going back out tonight to get some pics and I'll grab a pic of our restaurant from last night since I know we'll be going that way for a little bit. It is cold and I'm putting my boots back on tonight. :-)

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Kamie & I ate rabbit here in 2008 - excellent restaurantKamie & I ate rabbit here in 2008 - excellent restaurant
Kamie & I ate rabbit here in 2008 - excellent restaurant

They actually raise their own rabbits on a farm. I feel kinda bad about it but it was excellent food.

7th December 2019

Looks fantastic!
I’m having serious Christmas envy right now! Everything looks amazing! So glad you’re having fun!
10th December 2019

Thanks Mallory!
We loved it! I came home and spent a large portion of Sunday putting out Christmas lights... thinking I would do something "amazing" but alas.... same o' same o' LOL

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