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August 4th 2011
Published: August 6th 2011
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Christian our cool waiter!Christian our cool waiter!Christian our cool waiter!

He was impressed that Dee ordered in french...gotta love google! haha
We had a fun drive to Quebec City listening to Leith’s tunes which are mostly death metal tunes (kidding) haha mostly Bob Dylan and 80s music which is fine by me. All of our music playlists are very diverse. I had to throw in some irritating songs to make everyone laugh like “Midnight at the Oasis” yup….try getting that out of your head hahaha. We checked into the hotel and guess where it was? Right next door to a HUGE mall – oh ya baby! So we checked out the mall had some dinner and then hit the hay! The next morning we headed for Kia Ste-Foy and met Directrice des operations Annie Laliberte and Andree Casgrain from Moisson Quebec. Annie had to interpret to her staff for me since they didn’t speak English very well. Thank goodness for Annie!!! Lol We found out from Andree that her food bank feeds 30,000 people per month! Unreal how big of a need there really is for food donations all the time. It’s great to have people like Andree that dedicated their life to helping others. Annie was sweet she gave me beautiful flowers and even had her service department check out my
Dee's lunch at Il TeatroDee's lunch at Il TeatroDee's lunch at Il Teatro

Angel Hair Pasta with fresh veggies SO FRESH!
car to make sure everything was running well. And that’s not all she even called and made reservations for us at a popular restaurant that she loves called Il Teatro! OMG it was probably the most amazingly beautiful, quaint place where we all said the same thing…the food is SO fresh!!!! Our fun waiter Christian got a kick out of me trying to order in French. Then when we were leaving he stared right at me and mouthed some words slowly so I could understand…not a clue but I did try to repeat it lol. You have to check out that restaurant. It was actually right by a historical old wall built hundreds of year ago. Old Quebec is so lovely – I would go back in a heartbeat! We then headed back to the hotel so I could work on getting some videos up and tomorrow we head for New Brunswick!!!

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At Il Teatro - Quebec CityAt Il Teatro - Quebec City
At Il Teatro - Quebec City

The buildings are so beautiful in Quebec City!
Downtown Quebec CityDowntown Quebec City
Downtown Quebec City

You have to learn how to be quick on your feet to drive in Quebec City....good reaction time is necessary!!!
Kia Ste-Foy - Quebec CityKia Ste-Foy - Quebec City
Kia Ste-Foy - Quebec City

Lots of donations!!!
Kia Ste-Foy - Quebec CityKia Ste-Foy - Quebec City
Kia Ste-Foy - Quebec City

Donations and even flowers for Dee awww how sweet!!!
Moisson Quebec - food bankMoisson Quebec - food bank
Moisson Quebec - food bank

They feed 30,000 people every month!!! WOW!
Il Teatro Restaurant - QuebecIl Teatro Restaurant - Quebec
Il Teatro Restaurant - Quebec

The buildings are so beautiful in Quebec City!

Fluffy kitten at the mall - Lindsay was going to stuff it in her purse haha
Kia Ste-Foy - Quebec CityKia Ste-Foy - Quebec City
Kia Ste-Foy - Quebec City

Kia and oisson Quebec coordonnatrice des evenements Andree Casgrain.
Kia Ste-Foy - Quebec CityKia Ste-Foy - Quebec City
Kia Ste-Foy - Quebec City

Dee and General Manager Annie Laliberte presented her with beautiful flowers in thanks for her 'driving change' in Quebec City. Thank you Annie!

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