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North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal December 28th 2015

We Woke up to beautiful blue skies and 3 degrees heading toward a high of 18 in Montreal later today. Made my usual trip down to get coffee from the fancy machine in the lobby. Every other day I managed to get 4 cups, two regular and two café au lait, and get back to the room without incident. My luck ran out today, one of my café au lait hit the ground just as I got in the elevator. I am surprised I made it until the 4thday to have a spill. Today is mostly a travel day, packing up to head on to Montreal. Our train leaves at 3 and we will get into Montreal around 6:30 this evening. Before we leave Quebec City, we will head to one last crêperie for brunch, then ... read more
The Finished Product
Via Rail Business Class
Our Seats

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Downtown December 23rd 2015

Planning Since moving to New York, going on a trip is considerably more difficult. In Portland we had a great cat sitter in Chad. Now, we have to spend a lot of time finding someone willing to come to Hamilton Heights to look after Tarragon. If we are just going for a long weekend he is pretty good on his own, but anything over 3 days requires a nanny. On our last 2 trips, our friend Christina took care of him. However, this trip she is also out of town for the holiday. Fortunately, Jerry was able to find one of his co-workers to serve as nanny. As Tarragon ages he requires a great deal more attention than the street kitty we adopted several years ago. Typically, when we are going on a trip ... read more
Fish & Chips

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal October 20th 2015

Geo: 45.5075, -73.5587Much warmer today! I spent the morning at the conference. Then we checked out at 1pm, worked out of Starbuck's for a while, went to the airport, worked in the club, boarded the plane, worked on the plane. Flight was fine, but only one lav was working. Oh, Air Canada.Reached home at 10pm. Gruden could not contain himself with whining.... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal October 19th 2015

Geo: 45.5075, -73.5587This morning, we took the train out to the Park and visited the structure of Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome, which had housed the USA pavilion during the World's Fair. Then back to the old town, to visit Notre Dame Cathedral. Interior of carved and painted wood was lovely. Then rushed back to hotel for phone call, then to conference center for meeting, then back to hotel to work. Paul not feeling well. Elections tonight!... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal October 18th 2015

Geo: 45.5075, -73.5587It was cold and overcast most of the day.Started with metro to Olympic Park, where we walked around the under-utilized building. Then tp the Planetarium. First show on beanbags -- about dark matter. Pre-recorded show but did mostly take advantage of big dome experience. Then to another dome for more traditional planetarium show. Partially pre-recorded slides, with live reading of script. Not sure why it had to be read live. About Pluto ... at end, presented newest slides, just from last week.Then to biodome: three great habitats: tropical, maple forest and St. Lawrence River, then sub-arctic and sub-antarctic (with puffins and penguins). Nicely done.Ended with botanical gardens. Japanese, variety of trees, Alpine, and Chinese (which will be lit at night). Beautiful but very cold by the end of our long walk.Metro back to hotel ... read more
Olympic Stadium
Olympic Stadium
Olympic Stadium

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal October 17th 2015

Geo: 45.5075, -73.5587Brekkies at the hotel.It was a 2km walk to the conference center, and we opted to walk through Old Montreal, with its cobbled streets and shops and galleries. The sun was out briefly. Then, it got cold and windy as we neared the modern downtown. We found the conference center (which is massive), and I went to meet with the people I need to meet with. Success, despite the fact that the conference wifi wasn't working.Walking back to the hotel, I encountered some snow falling. It didn't stick, but it was definitely snow. And really nasty wind. In the afternoon, Paul and I walked through the streets of the city, past the famous Schwartz Deli (which had a line in front, as promised), then to Mont Royal Park. It had turned into a beautiful ... read more
Art near our loft
Puma man!
Puma man!

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal October 16th 2015

Geo: 45.5075, -73.5587Worked at home for a few short hours. Then drove to airport -- no traffic, really, which was wonderful! Checked in, then went to Air France lounge (since we were on the non-United side of the Int'l terminal). Small lounge, and very crowded! Flight was on-time, but wifi wasn't working! Stupid Air Canada. I thought it was funny that the woman sitting next to me would address the flight attendant in English, and the flight attendant would respond in French, but it seemed to work for them.. (She always addressed me in English.) Taxi to hotel (Loft Hotel on St. Denis).The area around the hotel has lots of restaurants and cafes. Charming street. The front desk recommended a small Italian called Amarone, and we went there. Delicious food and very friendly service. Lots of ... read more
Our hotel
Our hotel
Our hotel

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal September 12th 2015

Je vous écris de PET ! Miss Météo (alias Jérôme) est en train de me montrer la météo pour les jours à venir à Paros, puis Santorini, et enfin Athènes… C’est un peu redondant. Soleil soleil soleil 29 28 30 degrés. Ouin! C’est quasiment plate ça! Il nous reste environ 3 heures à attendre avant notre vol. OUIN! On vole avec British Airways et notre départ pour Londres devait se faire à 22h35… mais se fera finalement à 00h30. Pour s’excuser du retard, la compagnie nous a donné 2 « vouchers » d’une valeur de 10$ chacun question de s’acheter de la bouffe. Ils sont tu pas polis, ces Anglais!!!! J’ai bu un super thé chai épicé (full concept… thé… british… tsé…) à genre 2$ et on a acheté 3 bouteilles d’eau… et il nous reste ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Old Montréal August 13th 2015

My name is Jonathan Truong and I will be a new Travel Blogger since I've been traveling so much and I will be traveling in the future. I'm new to Travel Blogging so it will take time for me to get adjusted to the Travel Blog. I was recommended by a family member to do Travel Blogging or something like a journal. So I've been attempting to budget my time to share my thoughts about my travels and places I've been to. So I will be blogging more about travel as I will be traveling a lot and as I'm doing that, I will be showing you where and what I've done as well in creating reminisce about those places. So here's the first blog in Montreal, Quebec. For first-timers or those who are interested into ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal July 25th 2015

We started off in search of a crepe place that we went to 5 years ago. On our way, I kept looking for a little boulangerie that I recall we went to to get coffee and pastries the last time we were here. Surprisingly, I found it! I couldn't remember the name but could only recall that it was not too far from the hotel and was on a side street off of Rue St. Catherine. The place is called Au Pain Dore and is on Rue Peel. It's definitely worth going to for a coffee and pastry or croissant. I don't recall walking so far for our crepe place the last time we were here…. we must have taken the metro. Chez Suzette is located in Old Montreal and is quite a way from our ... read more
Little park
Fountain with historical figures

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