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North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal November 13th 2016

Une semaine a Montreal Nous retrouvons Hélène et Clement qui nous accueillent dans leur appartement situé dans un quartier que nous avons beaucoup apprecie : Plateau-Mont Royal! Rien de tel qu'une delicieuse poutine a la portugaise et une biere artisanale pour faire connaissance. Le lendemain nous partons faire le marché Jean Talon dans le quartier "Little Italie", pour préparer le repas de "l'Halloween" ou plusieurs amis d'Helene et Clément viennent passer la soirée. L'apres-midi, c'etait vraiment l'fon d'aller voir la Zombie Walk au centre de Montreal. Le principe : petits et grands se deguisent en zombies avec des effets plus vrais que nature. Assez etonnant de les croiser plus tard dans le metro. L'Halloween continue lundi soir ou on attend de pied ferme les enfants pour leur distribuer des bonbons. Helene et Clement... read more
Mont Royal - 1

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal November 10th 2016

Montreal is a fascinating city. The food is delicious, great party scene and a lot to see while in the city. I had only been there once before and that was for another bachelor party years ago for my my friend Dan. Richard's bachelor party planning went on for months. Finally, the weekend arrived (August 4th-7th) and my excitement was at an all time high. The trip started eventful when I went to Kenny and met David there and we took an Uber to meet the other guys. The Uber drive got so lost on the way to the car rental place near Laguardia airport. We finally arrived and all met up and rented a large van that was able to handle everyone. On the drive up we stopped at Saratoga Springs. For years, I had ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal October 22nd 2016

The day started off with Grant coming into my room and whispering whether we were still going to the theme park. I was amazed to see Grant as he had been really drunk when he got back the previous night and did not think for a second he would still want to go. Unfortunately the weather had still not got any better and even I did not want to go to when it was constantly raining and so we had to take a hit on the money that we had already paid for the theme park. In the main part of the hotel they had an excellent breakfast with a variety of different foods available all for $5 each. While eating Grant said that he wanted to go in search of the underground city that was ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal October 21st 2016

When I woke up it was still was raining and this would be something that would last the whole day annoyingly. The only saving grace was that for most of the day we would be driving so it did not matter too much that the weather was terrible but I did have a bad feeling that the theme park would not be happening the next day. The drive itself was actually quite boring and there was not anything interesting to see along the way; not that we would have been able to see much anyway! I did manage to drop my phone under the seat and I did not get it back until Grant made his first left turn once entering downtown Montreal. My first impression of Montreal was not a great one to be honest ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal October 15th 2016

We walked to the Underground Mall near where we’d eaten the day before. It was Saturday morning and early and only a few vendors were open in the massive underground labyrinth. Dennis said that there were three such mall around Montreal, and the convenience of such shopping protected from the weather certainly made sense to us. We snaked through a couple twisting aisles and made it to the Dunkin Donuts which appeared ominously closed, or “Ferme” as one might see in Montreal. We’d spotted a deli near our entrance that had been open and found our way back to it. Sharon, Erin and Dennis each had a chocolate croissant, which appeared to have much more chocolate that they would likely get up on the Lido for breakfast. I tried a “Mokka Cookie” and I think it ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal October 13th 2016

We spent the last few minutes trying to remember all of those last minute things to do when leaving the house: Turning off lights, leaving some on, shutting off water to the water purifier, then shutting off water to the inside house plumbing, unplugging the pump that recirculates the hot water, disposing of perishables, and as luck would have it, today is also “trash day”. Our neighbors graciously offered to shuttle us to the airport. She needed to take her car in for servicing near the airport anyway, and her son picked us up, and then picked up his mother who had just finished dropping off her car. We were thankful that we’d padded our commute time when we hit stop-and-stop traffic on the loop, winding down to one lane before everyone was forced to exit. ... read more
The Chewy Noodle Soup
Spoon provided to eat the Chewy Noodle Soup.
Light fixture in the Restaruant

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal October 11th 2016

Week 3 + week 4 “Amai, Gregg, is er zo weinig gebeurd in de laatste weken dat je ze groepeert in 1 blog?” Integendeel, maar dit is een blog, geen roman. Urenlang uitwijden over momentopnames doe ik wel eens als je moeite hebt met indommelen. Doch ik nogmaals een paar keer heb moeten toegeven dat ik geen 25 meer ben, is mijn geheugen best ok. Zelfs al blog ik twee weken na datum... In de derde week was de routine al te voelen. Geen sleur, helemaal niet. Ik stond elke dag met plezier op om naar school te gaan. Een kunst die me vroeger misschien gunstiger had geweest, maar #noregrets. De tweetaligheid van de Montrealanen (?) levert grappige conversaties op. Zo durven ze wel eens een zin beginnen in het Frans en eindigen in het Engels, ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal September 15th 2016

C'est très plaisant. =)... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal September 13th 2016

Zoals ik me vier jaar geleden heb beloofd, keer ik terug naar Canada. Deze keer voor een iets langere periode. We doen ne keer zot en gaan deze keer naar de Franse kant zodat ik mijn Frans wat kan bijschaven. Terug het oosten dus, maar ik geraak nog wel eens in het westen. Nog eens merci trouwens voor diegenen die hebben bijgedragen aan het boekje. Wanneer ik terugkom hebben jullie allemaal een dikke knuffel tegoed. Als ik de lokale specialiteiten ga blijven eten, dan mogen jullie die “dikke” letterlijk nemen... Allez, we vliegen erin! Zondag 4 september: D-day! Rustig ontbijten op mijn kenmerkende manier onder een prachtig schouwspel van puur Belgisch onweer. Mijn gedachten en sympathie gaan hierbij wel uit naar de moedige kampeerders op den dijk, die helaas minder van het schouwspel zullen hebben genoten. ... read more
Taxi Tibos
Gate E24
Grilled cheese

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Downtown August 18th 2016

Montreal 16-18 August 2016 After leaving the 1000 Islands region we drove along the northern side of the very long St Lawrence River. It was a beautiful drive but the rain was certainly following us …. All the way to Montreal. The roads are fantastic in Canada so driving was easy. From time to time we stopped and as we got closer to Montreal the traffic was bumper-to-bumper. Road works were everywhere. We guessed they try to do as much as possible while there is no snow around. We found our next accommodation which was with AirBNB. A quaint little home owned by Jonathan, a web developer who lived next door. It was a 3BR, totally renovated and we were the first people to stay. It was very close to the 1976 Olympic Stadium and a ... read more
Montreal Notre Dame Basillica (8)
Hot weather in Montreal calls for a cold local beer (2)
Incredible bagels in St Viateur in Montreal (2)

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