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North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal September 15th 2017

Even though I wrote about the Agawa Canyon Scenic Railroad in the last blog, I came across this picture that really shows the beauty of the train and the scenery it travels through. So I thought I would include it in this blog. After leaving Sault Ste. Marie (SSM), we headed east toward Ottawa. Enroute, we stayed one night in North Bay, located about 250 miles east of SSM, before heading on to Ottawa. During the drive between SSM and North Bay, we passed a Huron Central train pulling a long string of steel coil cars west toward SSM. There is a large steel mill in SSM (Essar Steel), so I'm sure the cars were heading there. North Bay also happens to be the headquarters for the Ontario Northland Railroad. Saw a few of their locomotives ... read more
Along the banks of the Ottawa River
Huron Central Train
The Mill Street Brewery

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal July 24th 2017

Ever get to the checkout and realise you completely forgot the main thing you even came shopping for? The same thing happens when you order from the universe, you can order a moment or a person but you have to be clear ask once, describe perfectly and then wait. I ordered this moment- naked, free, a cloudy day in a hot tub with wine and you. I must have also ordered these tears and frustration and the conversation they lead to. There is a venerability in your eyes that makes me feel safe, a beauty in your tears that makes everything so real. I have had these tears inside me for weeks, months even, only you would pile on top of me with all your body weight and push them out of me, why I don’t ... read more
Sunsets on the lake
Big Earth, Little Earth and their Fire

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal July 9th 2017

We were to be in Montreal for twelve days because we came to attend the jazz festival which runs for eleven days. When I gazed at the street of our hotel I thought “Oh no, more drab grey and dirty beige anonymous office towers”. The weather was also against us. Sombre skies settled in during the first few days of our stay and lingered. We had sporadic rain. When the rain ceased, it was humid and muggy. The sun was rare to show itself. However, as the days passed my appreciation for the city grew. On the first day, we visited the old town which I enjoyed - I do prefer old, historical buildings to most modern ones. The Royal Bank Building on Rue Dollard was sumptuous. These days, you can get good coffees there and ... read more
Just getting to know the locals
Walking around Old Montreal
A crafty beer  lunch at Bar Brewsky

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal June 4th 2017

Ik start men verblijf in Montreal met een wat luie landzame ochtend. Tegen de middag wandel ik naar Maison du Velo, een fietsinfopunt/café. Ik hoop er info te krijgen over de betere route naar Quebec. Ik krijg een waaier aan pamfletten maar weinigs concreet. Na nog een hapje neem ik de metro naar het centrum, leuke gebouwen en pleintjes. Ik bezoek de Notre Dame waar een gids wat toelichting geeft, mooi. Ik wandel nog langs het water. Er ligt een fregat en ook toren met een groot uurwerk. Na nog een kapel bezocht te hebben, krijg ik nog wat tips van de toeristische dienst en eet poutine, friet met kaas en een stoofvleessaus, eetbaar maar niet geweldig. Met een goede Belgische friet zou dit misschien een ander succesverhaal zijn. Op de terugweg naar huis, ga ik ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Downtown May 28th 2017

Het is nog steeds fris en dat zal de komende dagen nog zo blijven. Ik heb een rit van een 50-tal kilometer op het programma staan. Ik volg de Waterfront Trail. Ik volg voor het merendeel het water maar ga er ook regelmatig van weg. Ik ontmoet een jonge Duitser die een tijdje woont en werkt in Toronto. We fietsen een tijdje samen en lunchen bij wat kunstmatige kliffen. Ik fiets vervolgens alleen verder en ben veel te vroeg bij men warmshowershost. In een parkje besluit ik men derailleur bij te regelen want deze schakelt automatisch. Ik ontdek dat men achterpad wat gebogen is en met wat wringwerk schakelt alles terug soepel. Ik ontmoet men host Adam die ook al wat fietswerk achter de rug heeft in de States en Zuidelijker. Wij dineren bij de Indiër. ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal May 15th 2017

Geo: 45.5075, -73.558710th - 14 May 2017 Montreal and Quebec After returning to the UK in early April we carried out the usual tasks, habitation check and engine servicing for Astrid, dentists, opticians etc for us as well as visiting friends in various places. The first weekend home the weather was amazing, reaching 20 plus then it changed for the worst and we had a very cold 5 weeks. We had accumulated warm clothes for our upcoming Canada/Alaska trip but found we needed to wear them all the time and in fact we had difficulty taking them off to wash ready for the trip. It was that cold. Astrid is cosy and warm at night but during the day it was bitterly cold so we were reluctant to do much walking. Travelling in Astrid allowed us ... read more
Essex Bluebells
Another view of Chateau overlooking town
Stunning beauty of Notre Dame

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal March 22nd 2017

Geo: 45.5088, -73.5878We woke up to a Montréal at -11°C. The proverbial brass monkey and his balls came to mind. We had thick winter clothes on, but nothing quite prepared us for the raw feeling on our faces when we went out. Even the locals had their hoods up and hands deep inside their pockets. The freezing temperatures meant that all the melted snow and slush had refrozen making the pavements treacherous. We made our way along to the McCord Museum which was hosting three exhibitions. The first was about the 1967 Expo held here in Montréal to showcase modern design, especially fashion. We had fun looking at what must have been cutting edge 50 years ago but now looked so incredibly dated. We did rather like the Maple Leaf Tartan that was designed for the ... read more
Maple tartan
Bead work
First Natuon

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal March 21st 2017

Geo: 45.5088, -73.5878Since we couldn't get in Château Ramezay yesterday, we went straight there this morning after breakfast. It's a smallish manor house of significant historic interest to the city. It was built by Claude de Ramezay, Governor of Montréal, in 1705. After his death, it became the headquarters of the West India Company (Compagnie des Indes) which dealt mainly in the fur trade with Ameri-Indians. Later the house was used by the Governor of British Canada, occupied by Benjamin Franklin in 1776. It was subsequently turned into a school, left derelict and finally opened as a museum in1895. The inside of the house was elegant, especially the formal drawing rooms. The wood panelling was made in Nantes and shipped over for the 1967 Expo and later bought by the Museum. Montréal, and Québec for that ... read more
Château de Ramesay

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal March 20th 2017

Geo: 45.5088, -73.5878First day of serious sight-seeing. We headed straight to Vieux Montréal to the Château de Ramezay, a museum charting the history of the city. Alas, Alan forgot the bit in the guidebook that said "opens Tuesday to Sunday..." Ho Hum. Never mind, we could still explore the old town.Well, what do you know?, it was already time for coffee. We found a little café in the Bonsecours Market. This used to be a large theatre with a dome. Now it has been saved and converted into shops and it also houses a museum of textile and costumes; also shut on Mondays.The old town is very pretty with narrow streets and old buildings. Yes, we are in Canada, which is celebrating its 150th birthday this year, but Montréal is also celebrating its 375th anniversary so ... read more
Morning snacks
Vieux Montréal
Place Jacque-Cartier

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal March 19th 2017

Geo: 45.5088, -73.5878Start of the holiday proper for Hamish. It takes five hours to go from Toronto to Montréal by train. We thought VIA trains were pretty comfortable though the views along the way, apart from glimpses of Lake Ontario, weren't so exciting. We stopped at places with names such as Kingston and Cornwall. Alas, they looked nothing like their namesakes back in Blighty. The further away we got from Toronto, the thicker the snow covering was, which made it all look prettier.Once we'd arrived and schlepped our cases to the hotel, had a quick walk around before meeting up with some friends. The pavements were mostly cleared of snow, unlike in London, but we passed gardens and parks where the snow laid in pristine conditions. It's been days since the snow fall and obviously the ... read more
On the train

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