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September 24th 2014
Published: July 16th 2017
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So, this is my first entry in my own blog... Actually I never wanted to write a blog but now I thought “Why not ?” It might be quite nice to read after a few months/years again how I felt during this year of travel.

First, I'd like to tell you what I mean with “this year of travel”.
As you probably know, I'm a PhD-Student and I study suffixation in the protoromance language. Sounds boring, but it isn't. Well, in the beginning this wasn't the subject I chose and when my teacher told me to cancel the subject I wanted to study because it would be too difficult and to choose the topic just mentioned, I wasn't happy. There were also other private circumstances that made my first PhD-year really difficult, exhausting and quite unproductive. I had no motivation at all and was about to drop my PhD but then I went to my favorite place in the world : to visit my dear friends in Montreal and while I was jogging on the Mont Royal one morning I had an “illumination”. I had to CHANGE something if I wanted to get better. So I decided to do the thing I like best : to travel again. In a really short time my plan was made and I was happy again : I would do some studies – for my PhD – at the Romanian Academy in Iaşi in Romania, I'd go to the University of Salento in Lecce – for my PhD – and to the University of São Paulo – for my PhD.The same day I sent a mail to my contacts in these 3 places, some researchers who work on the same project as me : Dictionnaire Étymologique Roman (DÉRom) and shortly after I got a positive answer from some enthusiastic people who were happy that I chose their university/city to do my research.One of my teachers at home was really happy about my plans and even though the other one wasn't, I started that project anyway and prepared my travels.


13th February 2016

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