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July 21st 2016
Published: August 5th 2016
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Yay MaineYay MaineYay Maine

Never really thought we would ever make it to Maine. But, Wow, it's so far away from California.
Day 23 - Holden to Montreal

Today we completed our East Coast segment of the trip. Traveling through the northern part of Maine was beautiful but a bit barren, with towns few and far between. We made sure to stop for gas anytime we hit less than 1/2 a tank, so we don't repeat our mistake in Wyoming from 4 years ago. The one thing Maine does have is vistas: Beautiful, sweeping valleys, majestic mountains in the distance, quiet river villages. By mid morning we arrived at the beginning of Hwy 1, which reaches from Key West in Florida all the way to Fort Kent in Maine. A total of 2390 miles. We didn't travel the whole way on Hwy 1 but crossed and drove it many times. The locals call the northernmost stretch of Hwy 1 America's First Mile, and it has quaint shops and restaurants. We crossed into Canada in Fort Kent and headed west through the New Brunswick and Quebec Provinces to Pohenegamook, the northern-most point in Maine. Pohenegamook sits right at the edge of the border and has a small park by the river where you can cross a bridge between the two countries.
Beauty Eh?Beauty Eh?Beauty Eh?

Ok, not in Canada, but this vista from a roadside scenic outlook was spectacular. And very well groomed.
After playing with the panorama feature of our camera (and posting to Facebook) we hit the road again and headed west and south for the KOA outside of Montreal. It was a long haul and we didn't stop for much of anything outside of gas and food. We did see tons of interesting road signs. There are ATV and snowmobile paths crossing the highway every so often as well as Moose and Caribou warnings. Most signs were in French and we spent some time figuring out what they meant. we quickly determined the signs for road work and "left lane closed ahead", and paid special attention to Railroad Crossing signs (those were rough on the trailer). We pulled into the KOA late again tonight, and the host was very friendly and stayed up to greet us.

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The EndThe End
The End

The End of Hwy 1. (or the beginning, if you are so inclined). Either way.... not especially well celebrated.
A sign!A sign!
A sign!

We reached the end of the road (in the US). Time to find another road.
Road RetrospectiveRoad Retrospective
Road Retrospective

Woah, that's a long way down.

We were a bit excited to be at the end of the East Coast Segment. Walked around town for 15 minutes looking for this sticker.
Canada ThereCanada There
Canada There

Hey, Canada's There... no really... don't miss it. Here, let's put this GIANT sign out so you don't miss it. Awww... Come on guys!!
Crossing of...Crossing of...
Crossing of...

Umm.. Snowmobiles

Just in case we wanted to go back.....
We are Right thereWe are Right there
We are Right there

No no.. move 2 feet... damn, the dot moved, go back.. Hey, don't run me over. Why did you stop ... A bug is on me... it's hot... move over another foot. There, take the pic. Hey, that one's blurry.. take another...
It's US in the US (and Canada)It's US in the US (and Canada)
It's US in the US (and Canada)

Today, it was both Here AND There.

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