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September 6th 2012
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Good Morning Everyone!

We are in the process of getting ready to leave Montreal to begin our Canada Camping expedition. It's a bit sad to leave. This city is absolutely beautiful. We spend the day walking around the city yesterday and getting to know it a little better. We saw some very old churches and lots of stores and ate at some pretty nice restaurants. The people of Montreal are quite good looking. There appears to be no obesity here , and everyone dresses stylishly. Everyone we've met has been very friendly and switch from French to English without issue. Which is pretty interesting, as seeing what happened a block from our hotel the first night we were here.

So neither one of us did any research into Canadian politics, especially Quebec politics, before we got here. So the day we got here, we found out that a new prime minister had been elected in Quebec; a woman from the Quebecquois party, which is NOT the one who has been in power for a long time (I believe the Labor party). The people we were talking to while out explained to us how this party wants to make Quebec a sovereign country, with its own language, French. The Quebec people are very proud of their language and there have been fights on the street between English speaking people and French speaking. So yesterday morning, when we woke up, we heard helicopters flying quite close to our hotel. It turns out there was a shooting one block from our hotel, at the theater where they were having the victory rally for the new prime minister. One man was killed and another injured and the suspect set fire to the door on his way out. So we walked by the theater yesterday afternoon after we saw the news and saw all the flowers out front and cops everywhere. Apparently there is never any political violence here, but of course it would happen while we're here. If we had been at our hotel, we probably could have heard the shots fired. It's also noteworthy that you almost never hear any Canadian news in the US. Did anyone see anything about this on the news? Crazy stuff.

So anyways, we're heading out into the woods in a few minutes. We're not sure if any of the campgrounds we're staying at will have internet service, but we will try to find some place that does withing the next 24 hours or so. We're heading around the Great Lakes today and expect to drive around 7 or so hours to a campground around North Bay, Ontario. We'll check in as soon as we can. I'll try to figure our how to get some pictures on here while we drive too. Thanks again for following along and thanks for the comments! Talk to you soon!


6th September 2012

Hey you two -- great hearing about your adventures thus far. Safe travels...thanks so much for the up-dates! Love, Ginna
6th September 2012

Hey sooo glad you gals are off to an excellent start!!!! Lmao yesterday!!....& wondering did they make ang take off her bandana like they did at funky murphys? Ha! Unreal Will be thinking of you gals roughing it.... Stay safe and warm! Love you both! Xo!
6th September 2012

HAve fun, watch out for them English talkers.
11th September 2012

It's Premier, not Prime Minister.
12th September 2012

Thank you!
I knew I had that wrong. Thanks for the correction!

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