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May 17th 2006
Published: May 17th 2006
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Pussy Corps Pussy Corps Pussy Corps

That name just cracks me up.
My time in Montreal was short. Jean-Luc, Janice's boyfriend, drove us there from Ottawa.

Montreal is a crazy city to navigate by car. Janice, who's from Ottawa and has been frequently to montreal would rather drive in Toronto. The roads were built around existing Montreal. Some highways were built below ground level and some off-ramps are on the left hand side. Insiders tip: stay in the left lane to avoid driving past your exit!

We spent Sunday afternoon touring around the Old Port and Old town. It was a quaint area paved with cobblestones. It didn't rain on us suprisingly. There were lots of tourists out and street performers to entertain them. From there, we went to the area of Outremont in search of (supposedly) the best salmon spread in town. I'm not sure if it was worth buying 5 containers like Jean-Luc did but it was tasty.

We stayed at a dorm room at the University of Montreal (thank goodness I'm not a student who lives there full time in residence. It was a cupboard!) and took the metro downtown. I remembered reading that Montreal is supposed to be the strip-club capital of Canada. After walking down St. Catherines in downtown Montreal, I would believe this to be true. I found it a bit odd though that these clubs were everwhere intingermingled with nice boutiques and restaurants rather than congregating in one area.

Further on a rambling food tangent, Montreal does make one tasty roast beef sandwich. I trucked up several blocks of St. Laurent street in search of Schwartz's the famous roast beef deli. I underestimated the enormity of this roast beef sandwich. The deli used a normal white sandwich type bread but put about 10 layers (really!) of roast beef-medium cut in between the layers. There was enough roast beef to make probably 5 sandwiches. The moral of this story? If you're not that hungry - bring a friend who likes beef and is willing to share. Otherwise - you'll waste some tasty tasty roast beef.

I'll try to write a bit more coherently tomorrow after I recover from jetlag. I'm actually in athens right now but I have nothing exciting to write.

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