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February 16th 2006
Published: February 19th 2006
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Another frozen lakeAnother frozen lakeAnother frozen lake

I had no skates on this time :/
Hey all you travel junkies and invisable friends out there.

I have been here in good old Montreal for a few days now and damnit it is cold! Good thing this favourite city of mine has an underground city! Take that mother nature! Nothing like wandering around under the earth looking at lots of things I cannot afford, all while laughing at the poor suckers up a few metres freezing their butts off. Then I cry when it is my turn to venture out into the brave new world and walk back to the hostel. I swear Montreal is one of the coldest places on this planet, every time I come here it is cold!

The hostel where I am at is nice and the people are great. I will be leaving though in about 4 hours, as I am sitting here in a train station (with the net!) waiting for my train outta here. I'm going to be heading up to Quebec city for a day or so, then slowly wandering back east towards home and certain boredom.

I've had a good time as always here. Me and a few hostel people went bowling yesterday. Man I
Some streetSome streetSome street

It looked like a good picture shot...
suck! It looks easy when other people do it. Being a little drunk didn't hurt either, plus the whole place was dark, some sorta glow bowling thing they had going on. Good times though 😊

I realize I do not have alot of pictures actually to throw up. Mostly because I myself have seen this place tons, and the aformentioned coldness slicing ice slivers into my fingers anytime I took them out of the warm confines of my magic mittens. Why bother taking pictures of amazing locations such as malls and snow covered streets? I didn't make it out to the popular touristy places either.

St. Catherines, to anybody who hasn't been to this awesome street, simply freaking rules! Yay sex shops and stores! I had fun and finally spent money on myself (not in *that* way...get your mind out of the gutter!). Plus crepes, super huge montreal smoked meat sandwhiches, poutine and lots of other tasty foods! Seeing as a couple days ago was Valentines Day, a crappy holiday for single folks like me, the sales of chocolate items was great! Oh man Montreal makes the yummiest treats this side of the Atlantic. Succulent truffles, mouth watering
Old churchOld churchOld church

Artsy foto #1418 of church
caramel.....oh gawd I need some more! I love this street :D It has more character than most cities combined.

Spent some time wandering around old Montreal which was pretty as well. Splurged on myself and finally ate a good meal at a classy restaurant. Usually I'm a cheap bastard when I travel and stick to breads, cheese, peanut butter, and other typical student staples :P

Hmmm well I'll keep it short since I feel like surfing the web and responding to emails that have been packing up over the weeks. I'm a lazy lazy man. Better things to do when traveling than sitting on your ass in front of a computer all day. I'll save the ass sitting for when I get home. Ugh I'm not looking forward to that at all, heading home. Means I have to get another crappy job and start the whole cycle of saving cash for the next adventure again. Damnit I wanna win tons of cash! Then I could go anywhere i wanted to, in a giant hover car no less.

Okie dokie, ta ta for now folks.

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Graves near Mont RoyalGraves near Mont Royal
Graves near Mont Royal

Typical tourist shot
I missed my shotI missed my shot
I missed my shot

Curse you Jan for making me pose. I lost!
Really really bad shot of nighttime downtownReally really bad shot of nighttime downtown
Really really bad shot of nighttime downtown

I told you I had no pictures this time!

17th February 2006

hey baby!
whatcha doing over there in the snow?? get over here, its nice and warm! i have alot of stuff biting me and it is itching.. hope you have a fantastic time in ahem canada? hugshugs:)

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