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August 30th 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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I am SOOOO lucky! I remember asking my boss if I could take time off to travel the world. He gave me this "are you crazy- no f**king way" look. It seemed that the only acceptable way to leave work for a long period of time was to get pregnant and go on maternity leave! You can't leave to travel the world that way!

If you get the chance, you go work for a big financially unstable company. Cross your fingers, hope for somesort of restructuring plan to come along and beg to be put on the "to layoff" list. Yahoo! I was put on the list! lucky me! 😊

After two months of real planning, flight is booked, apartment rented out, piece-of-shit car sold and dive equipment packed, I am ready!

For some reason, taking off to travel the world is not all that common in Montreal, but it is in Australia. When I was there, people were asking me if I was there to travel or on holiday. Huh? there's a difference? Isn't it the same thing? To play it safe, I chose the "holiday" response.

Well, I am about to find out what it is to "travel"! heehee.

Ok- so let's say that my trip starts in Montreal. The bike paths here go on forever and forever- the main photo shows one of the typical paths that I like to take on the bridge. Funny how installing these anti-sucidial gates make for an interesting picture...

My last week was spent saying goodbye to friends and family and taken to eat out A LOT! Hmmm...maybe I should stock up. The bulk of my budget is going into diving- didn't budget much for eating...

Bye everyone- have a good life!


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