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September 16th 2007
Published: March 31st 2008
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Sunday, 16 September 2007

Pre London
No one ever said it was going to be short…

Alright ladies and gents…how do I begin to tell you the story of my life? Well it all started one after noon randomly surfing the Internet, as millions of people do each and every day of their lives. However this day was not your average day, to me it was the day that landed me my ideal job. Smirnoff was holding a contest looking for the most original people in various fields related to travelling the globe, filming their experiences and exploring for original nightlife. As I stared at the computer screen, my eyes started to glaze and sparks were flying, something just told me this was what I wanted to do. Within ten minutes I had my sister over who is like my life adviser to revise my video, she loved it of course, I was myself and I was real. However I do have to pay my dues because she did help me choose a better song. Thanks Sis… and Timbaland 😉.

Waiting impatiently, I decided to email Smirnoff asking them why I never got a confirmation email. Lucky doing so got their attention and I resubmitted my application, which lead to a phone call and an audition over the phone through a conference call. Now as excited as a person can be - in these kinds of situations you cant help but feel a little nervous. So how did I sleep? Well I do recall sleeping about 3 hours that night, my mother was trying to reassure me that everything was going to be okay and a friend of mine in Toronto was up with me all night trying to over analyze the question part of my interview. Yeah I might have over reacted you can say, but this was a life changing experience and it was okay.

It turns out I was over reacting - the interview went as good as it could. We laughed, we got serious, we conversed and there was no dead silence, nor awkward pauses. Then the worst part of every person’s life was now upon me “the waiting game”... Then millions of phone calls started pouring in from every person I over excitedly told about the opportunity. People I knew, people I didn’t know, family, and friends of friends… it seemed like everyone was more excited then I was. They anxiously asked ‘did they call? Did they?’ I could get away from this…I was in too deep. So why did I tell the world? Well I guess some part of me wanted this so much that I needed the world to tell me I could do this (I was EXCITED). Nothing in this life is stable or constant - everything changes, and as confident as you can be you always need to tell yourself to be positive and that I was.

One thing lead to another and by the time I knew it, I was on the plane to London England. Me… Kareem Minhas on an international flight for the first time flying to London. Whoa…No family, no friends, nothing but me and my dreams and aspirations of one day becoming a broadcaster travelling the world.


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